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balmung Returning Player! Freshly transferred.

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Hey all!


I'm Spheryn- I play Rhysa Verkoh IG. c:


I just recently (finally!) transferred over to Balmung, and I'd love to RP with some you, as way to get started!


I main Rhysa, my plucky Moon Keeper, and I'm slowly but surely developing R'ecilia, a much less plucky Miqo'te.. Send me a /tell or friend request game if any of you would like to RP sometime!


Cheers <3


(Any tips on where to get started, RP-wise, would be greatly appreciated. o3o)

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You made it, yay! :thumbsup:


As for where to start...? Well, there's a few options:


1.) Make/respond to Making Connections threads. This is good for getting some initial, small one-on-one or small group RP going. Hopefully with people you and your character can get along with. It's a good toe-dip and starter for those who have never RPed at all or RPed in an MMO before, and just a nice beginning in general. However, it can involve some waiting and schedule-planning that can delay things.


2.) Random Walk-Up RP. There's a few hubs in the world of Hydaelyn where people just hang out looking for some random RP - the most notable of these being the Quicksand. You'll usually find people holding up the railings and idling on the bar stools and at the tables waiting for someone to come and initiate RP with them. Downside is, that usually means you'll have to do the initiating or join the many wall-flowers that frequent these sorts of areas. Plus, the Quicksand itself has a bit of notoriety of being where the ERPers gather for their own flings of fancy in party-chat and tells.


3.) Attend events. The Event Calendar on the site makes mention of just some of the many events that go on in Balmung. Finding one that catches your interest and attending could get you exposed to a whole slew of new RP pals and plot threads. However, with larger events you'll have to deal with heavy chat-scroll and/or people trying to avoid said scroll by partying up and RPing there instead of out in the open. Plus, a lot of the events tend to angle towards fightan or singles/dating scenes, which might not be your cup of tea.


Um... I think that covers the main ones. There's probably other methods that are slipping my mind right now, but those are the big three I can think of to help get you started on finding some RP. Hope it helps. :blush:

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I'd be happy to rp with you sometime this week. Add me on discord if you got it; Dragonf1y#5974, or message me here

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