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LF RP connections and to make some friends

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I recently transferred to Balmung and find myself lacking in interactions. I'll list a brief overview of Khaal. Hopefully it will spark some interests and will get things going.


Name: Khaal Morthos

Age: 30

Race: Highlander

Occupation: Sellsword

Favorite hangout: The Coffers and Coffin

Backstory: Khaal comes from Little Ala Mhigo Both parents were lost to him at a young age. The reason was unknown to him (still is to this day.) he survived by learning the way of the axe and sword. A month after he had turned eighteen Khaal decided to try his luck in the Coliseum. For years he did quite well for himself. Not always winning but he managed to keep all of his limbs intact. Once he was in his late twenties Khaal chose to retire from being a pit fighter to try and make more of a name for himself and hopefully to gain wealth. Now being recruited as a new free paladin he has the first step in making his name known.

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