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Lily's Tattoo and Scar Design Commissions!

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Alright, so, I’ve been reluctant to do this.. but I think I will finally be opening up scar and tattoo design for characters. What I do is I take your pretty screenshot (or I can also take one of my own, complete with my pretty ReShade settings if you are on Balmung!) and sketch in/draw in some scarring or tattoos.

I have designed Lihli’s (my character’s) tattoos and much of it is tribal patterns but I am open to giving a shot for other things. I have also done a glyph scarring for a friend of mine. I will include references and such under the cut at the end here! 



Prices are varied, as it highly depends on how intricate the tattoos are or how the scarring is. Minor tattoo/scar design will obviously be much less than the full-bodied design I have for Lihli. I will send you progress pictures for these things as I go along, naturally, just to confirm it is what you want! If there’s even an image you’d like transferred onto your character, I am willing to try it. I reserve the right to turn down anything I think I will not be able to do for personal reasons or if it’s just too difficult for me. I really don’t want to give out poor work!

Feel free to send me a message here or contact me directly on Discord (Lily #3261) for more information and to discuss. (Hint hint: if you offer me up the new Eastern Stretch emote as payment, I will consider your tattoo/scar much, much quicker.)



Below are a couple of references I have available. I have more as well, but they are NSFW and thus can not be linked here. If you would like to see the entirety of Lihli's tattoos, you may feel free to message me directly and ask!


Rowena Everstone's Glyph Scarring: http://imgur.com/a/CR8nm

Lihli Nherusa's Tattoo - Headshot: http://imgur.com/a/v38cE

Lihli Nherusa's Tattoo - Hand: http://imgur.com/a/B4zru

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Slots open! I finished one commission recently, which is posted in full on my tumblr if anyone wants to go check it out~ Keep in mind that it is NSFW and thus I can not post it here.


Send me a message here or on Discord (or tumblr) if you'd like to chat!

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Slots open once again! My tumblr still has previously done scars/tattoos, so if you'd like to see them then feel free to check it out there. Or you can just message me directly on Discord too!

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Slots open! Now offering additional stuff:


Header Images!

Banner Sets!

Specialty Banners/Advertisements!



More info can be found over at my tumblr along with examples.

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Still have some slots open! ♥


Will work with you on whatever you'd like~

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