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The Au Ra with the explosive Charm

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Hello i'm Mikaya, I've been playing FFXIV for about a year now kinda on and off but am very interested in Roleplay.

I also played many other MMOs like Ragnarok Online, Guild Wars 1, Mabinogi etc.


My Roleplay experience is not too much, i do roleplay in some German forums but have never started in FFXIV for now as i never got the chance to do it but would definetly like to.


I'm planning to play Mikaya Akyo as my Roleplay Character. She's a Small Au Ra with Golden eyes and greenish Hair with blue highlights. She's an apprentice Arcanist and Alchemist that often blows stuff up.


I searched "Final Fantasy XIV Omega Roleplay" on Google. which is how i found this site.


I'm aiming to be a Light to medium Roleplayer, i do like Roleplay but also enjoy doing Raids and such.


My Hobbies include watching Anime and of course playing MMOs and other games. I'm unemployed currently but looking for a job.

I'm from Switzerland and am 26 Old, also i'm male, but i don't like male characters much as all my OCs are Female and i struggle with creating Male ones.


Also at the time of posting this i'm still on Shiva but will move to Omega soon.


Just a small heads up to the community.

Currently saving up the money to buy some gametime for me and my GF and the both of us will see about switching back to Shiva again. We're not too fond of Omega sadly.

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Hey there, and welcome aboard to the RPC! :thumbsup:


Best of luck over there on Omega on the hunt!

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