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Dwassyith Swanra

Hello everybody... From a TOTAL NOOB! x'D

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Hey hey there, 


Let's start by introducing myself! I'm a 28 years old gal coming from Europe (yes, you heard well, Europe!) and I absolutely find myself clueless as hell about this game that, however, I always wanted to play since ages!

I've been RPing obsessively since five years now (I know, it's not much compared to some!) but it's an everyday-hobby I cannot absolutely do without. RP is the greatest, biggest passion of mine and one day without RP is a day wasted - So yes, you can deduce I'm a Very Heavy RPer, by this. :)

I also pour most of my free time in it, I'm a very dedicated, passionate and mentally-involved RPer whose enthusiasm can burn for a long time - and by long time, I mean years. I've stuck to characters and plots for a long, long time without ever tiring of it. I'm here nowadays because I want to get a fresh flavour of RP with FFXIV, but I still have open plots on Swtor and GW2!


Now, to get to the important questions! Bear with me, I know you've seen/heard/read this kind of questions countless times. :P


1- Where are EU RPers gathering? I have joined the Discord Channel and met some delightful people who told me that Omega is the meeting point for EU RPers. Is that so?


2- Should one choose server Omega (yay, that would be a good first step, wouldn't it?) where oh where does one find the busiest RP hubs? What are the hotspots for public RP? Is it easy to find RP without having a guild?


3. Can you also tell me how long it takes for a lvl 1 character to get to these RP hubs? How soon can one RP in this game?


4- Guilds - or Linkshells, is this how they are called in here - how to find them? What are the most active ones on Omega - still taking that server as a point of reference - and how does one go about joining them? (I'm assuming the recruiting method may vary depending on the guild itself!)


5- Is there a link with a bit of a summary of the Lore of a poor, disgraced noob who has no idea what the game is all about, but is bursting with the will and enthusiasm to play it and, more importantly, RP in it?


I thank anyone and everyone who will decide to read through all this inane amount of doubts and silly questions and I very, very much hope to find you in-game very soon! :D

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Hey there welcome to FFXIV!


We'll get right too it.....


#1. Yes, Omega does currently seem to be the place where a decent number of EU RPers are gathering.


#2. And this is speculation since I'm not located on Omega, but it being a newer server and all your best chance to find RP over there is through a Discord channel that's posted somewhere around here. (would suggest contacting Maril Hawker for more info since she's the only EU player I can think of off the top of my head. She'd probably know more about it then I...)


#3. Level requirement, luckily, is not a huge conflict in FFXIV as most of the RP takes place in the starting city-states and surrounding areas. So I wouldn't stress trying to rush the leveling process just in order to RP.


#4. Not sure about finding them in-game,but at the top of the menus you will see two tabs "Free Companies" & "Linkshells." Check those out and see what you can find.


#5. A lot you will pick up by just playing through the MSQ. There is also a lore discussion section here on the forums for more direct questions regarding the lore. You know doubt will come acquainted quickly with a certain beloved user of the community named Sounsy who is the resident lore expert.

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Hey there, and welcome aboard to the RPC and to FFXIV! :thumbsup:


This is a pretty crazy time with Stormblood's release. Looks like your questions have already been mostly answered here, so about as much as I can do is just wish you the best of luck on the search and hunt for RP!

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Welcome to the RPC and FFXIV! o/

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Traditionally THE unofficial RP server has been Balmung, but for now it - and several other servers - are completely closed for new characters due to being very overpopulated.

Because of this people are trying to create alternatives. As you have gathered there is indeed an initiative going on trying to make Omega into the main EU RP server.


Since the Omega server is, quite literally, less than a week old and many people have been busy leveling new characters or playing the new expansion with old characters no RP hubs have crystallized yet.


You will likely be able to find some RP in each of the three starting cities.

If you follow the main story then around level 15 you will get a quest that takes you to all three of them, and after that you can travel freely around the world. Shouldn't take more than at most a couple of days play to reach that point.


Guilds are called Free Companies in this game. How one finds and joins them is about the same as in other games - i.e. it varies from FC to FC. Some will advertise widely, some won't. Some will require a detailed application, others will invite you on sight.


Linkshells are basically private chat channels, but much like FCs one has to be invited into them.


Lore... Well, there is a lot of it, so a quick summary would still be very long.

Much of the lore will be revealed as you play through the game.

There are many posts on this forum about various aspects of the lore as well, so you can try reading through that.

Otherwise you will have to be a bit more specific about what you want to know.

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Hey guys,


First of all I thank you all for taking the time to type a message to reply to all my doubts and questions! I find this community very helpful and welcoming, it's something I appreciate a lot (do to others what you'd want to be given to yourself, right?)


Since I basically know nobody around here, I'd love to make some new friends. If by chance you're up for RP, feel free to hit me up in game (Dwassyith Swanra being the main nickname!) so perhaps we can get organized for some gameplay & RP together.

The latter holds my interest the most. ;)


While the game is astonishing and everything, I do suffer loneliness from time to time and the best way to get rid of it is spending time with some nice company. Sorely in need of new acquaintances!


Catch you in-game, then! ^^

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