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balmung Kugane resident and aspiring explorer seeking connections!

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Hello there! 


A new expansion brings with it new opportunities. As such, I have decided to commit to playing a character that resides in Kugane who has a keen interest in exploring all that Hydaelyn has to offer.


I am a rather huge fan of RP that involves meaningful character interaction. The sort that leads to lasting friendships and rivalries. As such, I am specifically looking for individuals who are enthusiastic about getting out into the game world with no strings attached. I’m also not looking for a romantic partner for my character - just friends, enemies and rivals.


As for my character? He’s an eighteen year old Doman from a respectable family who currently lives within the relatively safe confines of Kugane. He’s friendly, enthusiastic, well mannered and has a soft spot for foreigners and the stories that they bring with them of exotic lands, beasts and cuisine.


His father perished a year past - getting himself killed in a vain attempt to reclaim Doma from Garlemald’s tight grip. As a result, his father’s loyal guard has now sworn an oath to defend Ryuji and train him so that he may protect himself against those that would seek to do him harm. The player portraying the guard may very well show up from time to time, though he is more strictly bound to European friendly hours than I.


Ryuji is quite a bit different to my previous character - Graeham Ridgefield - in that he’s less cynical and not tied down by the complicated politics and morality surrounding Garlemald. As a result, it should be fairly easy to have him get involved with stuff - which is precisely why I decided to make this post! He has a fondness for the idea of exploring ancient ruins and seeing interesting things with his own two eyes. It does not take much persuasion to convince him to head off on an adventure with someone - for he can be rather whimsical!


To keep this from getting too long I’ll finish up shortly. I can be contacted in-game on Ryuji Akagane or you can simply contact me through this site instead to see if we can work something out. If you’ve made it this far, you have my thanks for putting up with my rambling!

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I'd love the chance for my Keeper of the Moon (and certified Ijin) Syzih Quibilah to run into Ryuji! She's just the type of person to drag complete strangers on wild goose chases for the hell of it, so I think it'd be a wonderful opportunity for us both to flex our RP muscles! She's also staying in the Othard regions for the foreseeable future, so while she might not be the ticket to Eorzea Ryuji might be looking for, they can still have fun adventures in familiar(for him) territory!


I'll try and poke you online when I can. I won't be about FFXIV until later today (PDT), but if I can't reach you today then tomorrow for sure! You can also send me a message on the RPC if you'd like!

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I have a seeker that would love to have some connections in Kugane! She's bringing her free company over for a certain job but needs a guide around Kugane so that, you know they don't get arrested. They can also always get hired to bring Ryuji to the more dangerous areas, or somehow he gets dragged along.


I'll hit you up in the game when I have the chance, though you can contact me on Discord at Amanda#7359.

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