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Mia Ostergard

[Ultros] Chronicle for the Hunt: Greybeard's Treasure

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Special Event Synopsis:Act III LNC - Heart of the Reverie 9/30/2017

The adventurers gathered in the Gypsy and all was well when a mysterious fog rolls in. They notice that all of the LNC officers are missing and the only clues are left with the barhands Durko and Helga. The adventurers split into two groups to go find the whereabouts of their officers.


Team Durko

Sogarn (DM)

Chell (DM)







Team Helga

Leranin (DM)

Mia (DM)







They received picture clues from the barhands and followed these clues to the last known locations of their missing officers.


Team Durko Progression: Limsa Lominsa > Vesper Bay > Horizon's Edge > Black Brush Station

Team Helga Progression: Ul'dah > Ruins of Qarn > Summerford > Black Brush Station




As the adventurers progressed, the closer they got to their destinations, the more dangerous and difficult their choices had become. Team Helga had to pick to choose to save either Mia or Leranin in a death trap as time was running out. Unable to come to a decision, Leranin plunges into the lava pit, setting Mia free. Team Durko had to choose to save either Chell or Sogarn, and although they chose to pick Sogarn, they pulled the wrong lever that freed Chell instead, Sogarn meeting his untimely end as the cave collapsed on him.




In the final destination, Chell and Mia urge the adventurers to hurry as the treasure is near. The adventurers are perplexed that a treasure was mentioned at all. They arrive in a tunnel filled with treasure with train tracks running through as magical chains bound Chell and Mia to the train tracks. The sound of a train grows closer and closer. An eerie voice tells the adventurers that they have to choose to save one of them, or take the treasure. They are unable to make a decision as the train draws near before General Iam makes an executive decision and pulls the Treasure lever while Umbre and Jocelyn are on the tracks trying to stop the train.




The train comes through, killing Chell and Mia but leaves all of the others unharmed. The voice of Greybeard echos in the tunnel, telling the adventurers that now they understand what he had to go through. He rewards them with a compass that leads to his treasure, as the ghost treasure around them fades. The adventurers then notice that the pictures have changed, from their officers, to Greybeard's original crew.

Edited by Mia Siserae

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[align=center]Act III LNC - Heart of the Reverie Scene II

Date: 10/7/17

Time: 9:30EST



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Synopsis: Act III LNC - Heart of the Reverie Scene II 10/7/17

When the crew decided not to pursue the treasure any longer, Greybeard proceeds to curse them all to persuade them to continue. He challenges the crew, bringing out the pirates in them as he says the only way to lift the curse is to go out and steal a particular set of items before midnight lest they turn into his zombie pirate crew. The crew splits up into two groups and raid the residential districts of the Mists and Lavender Beds, using a variety of skill sets to break in and steal these items. Although both teams ran into much trouble, both were successful.

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Act III LNC - Heart of the Reverie Grand Finale

Date: FRI 10/27/17

Time: 9:30PM EST

Note: Final event for this Arc, glam competition will follow after RP



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Synopsis: Act III LNC - Heart of the Reverie Grand Finale

Greybeard's compass begins to glow and act strangely, urging the adventurers to seek the treasure as they all board the Reverie. They are intercepted by the Blackwater Pirates as a massive battle ensues. The Blackwaters manage to steal the compass and take a portal to the Wolves' Den. Upon arriving at the Wolves' Den, the LNC adventurers find the Blackwater Pirates all dead. Greybeard's ghost then casts a maddening spell on all of the adventurers, forcing them to duel to the death until one person remains to be his champion. After devastating rounds pitting friends and lovers against each other, Flora is the last one standing as Greybeard resurrects the others, entrusting the compass to the champion.




The compass then leads them to a floating island where beneath their feet they find a caged floor with hoards of treasure and on top of the cage lays an unlit black flame candle with a plaque that urges a virgin to light it. Leo takes one for the team as he lights the candle, but Greybeard stops them from advancing as he possesses Leranin and attacks the crew. In the final battle, the crew manages to sever Greybeard's aether source while switching in and out of petrifying cages that was feeding him aether. When Greybeard is slain, Leranin is left gravely injured as a key and box is left from the battle. Cici immediately grabs it, but General Iam tries to get it from her.




They finally decide to open the box as the treasure beneath them disappears, revealing itself to be a mere illusion as a pillar of red light escapes from the cage, souls of the witches' Coven howl and circle into the air as they've been freed from their prison - something Greybeard was trying to keep them from all along.



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