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balmung LF Doman and/or Xaelan GMs + fighters for MSQ finale (other Alliance soldiers too!)

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As some of you may know, the 4th Auxiliary Regiment has been facilitating a 4-week MSQ tie-in campaign, with great success! Check out our tie-in to the attack on Rhalgr's Reach, the crossing over Castellum Velodyna, and the assault on Specula Imperatoris


On Wednesday 9th August at 7pm EST, the finale set in Ala Mhigo will take place! We are looking for a GM to lead a party of Doman and/or Xaelan soldiers in the wider assault. You will be coordinated under the primary GM (Kale Aideron) alongside other GMs in a large-scale, multi-party event that's involved up to 4 separate groups thus far! Please message me here or add me on Discord Seriphyn#0337 if you're interested!


If you are otherwise a Doman freedom fighter or Xaelan tribal warrior, we want you as well, to fall into the Far Eastern squadron that takes part in the assault! In addition, members of the Eorzean Alliance and the Ala Mhigan Resistance are sought after as well. Please note that this is military-focused event, and as far as Eorzean characters go, we have a strong preference for Grand Company soldiers, as you can see in our Tumblr posts. Uniforms included!


Reach out here if you are interested in an invite to the Operation Rhalgr's Beacon server on Discord!

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