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mateus Ex-poacher and current Order of the Twin Adders recruit seeks contacts!

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Hello everyone! After tinkering around with character concepts, digging for lore, reading up on things and even asking here for some guidance (thanks again, Sounssy!) I have finally taken my transferred character from Balmung to Mateus and given him a fresh coat of paint. 


Background: He grew up in a small community of Keepers, hidden beneath the boughs of the great trees of The Black Shroud. A third born son granted him little reverence within his community and his mother urged him to begin his wandering as soon as he was able. Thus he turned to poaching alongside the Coeurlclaw until his eventual capture. He was gaoled for five years, his sentence merciful as he was eventually released to bolster the forces The Twin Adders as news came of the coming conflict in the east. 


A snippet of his background! A general idea of how he ended up where he is now. As a player, I'm seeking people who are lore-abiding. I hope that doesn't sound elitist, but I generally try to stay within the boundaries of the lore as much as I possibly can. Bending the lore in a few places is okay with me, usually on smaller aspects, but being the warrior of light or related to a major story character... or being a dragon, etc. I just cannot roleplay with in a fun manner. 



[align=center]Roleplay hooks[/align]

[align=center] -Poacher (did you poach alongside him all those years ago?)[/align]

[align=center]-Twin Adder (Grand Company buddies!)[/align]

[align=center]- Grand Alliance (the companies mingle sometimes - Flames and Maelstrom, feel free to say hi!)[/align]

[align=center]-Fencer (I don't mean red mages; poachers sold their pelts to the Far East for a sizeable amount of coin. Either you are the trader taking the illegals goods there, or you traveled to Eorzea to buy them yourself)[/align]

[align=center]-Shroud native (certainly you have seen him standing around)[/align]



Now, I am really looking for a longer term roleplay with anyone interested. Yes, I will do romance roleplay! It is not the only thing I am seeking, however; any friends, contacts, battle buddies, or even rivals may respond! I am interested in having a variety of people to roleplay with to flesh our characters out together and truly write something fun and wonderful! 


I am located on Discord as well, should we get talking and have interest in discussing a few things. I look forward to chatting with everyone. 

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