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The not so greeting, greeting XD

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I was told to say hi, so I'm saying hi.


I'm barely a week into this game, but I'm doing fairly well, I think.  I just figured out how to get the RP tag on.  This makes me feel special... i have small life goals. I realize that.


Anywho!  I run on Mateus, literally.  I run. Everywhere.  But even the rare time I'm not running or bouncing, its still on Mateus.  My character is Malachi Sommerset, a Miqo'te with orange hair.  He's about as new-eyed to the world as I am.  I felt it was probably easier.  So I'm sorry in advance if he says something really out in left field or... so daft that you are sitting there face palming.  I'm also apologizing in advance if he pets your minion and runs away.  Its his thing.


I will try and remember to keep on the RP tag when I'm in RP mode, which is about 75% of the time I'm goofing off in the game.  Though I do tend to just watch RP like a good noobie creepy stalker.  I'm not that creepy really... don't hurt me.... just let me touch your minions...

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Heh, well, here is a greeting that is not a greeting. Have yourself some fun on Mateus running everywhere. It's real good cardio after all and strengthens the heartbeat and the lungs. The bouncing I'm not so sure? Good muscle toning for the calves maybe? *smiles*


Have fun out there and enjoy yourself. Welcome aboard.

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