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The alluring Eorzea got me once again..

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Hi everyone!



Yes, I'm another returning player. I left a few months ago, well a bit more than a few months ago, let's say about a year ago. I'm a fairly experienced FFXIV player, I took a break and now I'm back for (storm)blood!


Now, what about me.. well, I've been playing MMORPGs for a very long time (vanilla wow player here), I tried them all, western ones, Korean ones, Japanese ones, but in Eorzea I found a real home, I just love the community and the general atmosphere that you can breathe in here.



Oh, if you were wondering, I've got about 15 years of RP experience on my shoulders, was an avid D&D player and I practiced a lot there.. so I'd say I can consider myself a heavy RPer. I love writing backgrounds and stories in general, and I consider myself as creative enough (marketing is what pays my bills). I'm comfortable in playing pretty much any role and gender, I just love it.



In any case I am currently in the Mateus server with my Astrid, and I'm looking forward to meet you!

Oh, of course, goes without saying, if you can point me to any good FC or even just some good Linkshells, you'd make me a very happy camper!



*elegantly bows and bolts*

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Hey-o! welcome back to this wonderful game that i for some reason cannot get enough of! though i'm not really on mateus currently(im on diabolos for now...) I just wanted to say hello :)

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