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Gene Treno

balmung Gene Treno

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I. Basic Info


Character: Gene Treno

Server: Balmung

Linkshells: None atm! - Looking!


II. RP Style


Amount of RP (heavy, medium, light):


I've always disliked these labels to be quite honest but here we go. I play a light-hearted character role and don't have a ton of time to be online as much as I would like so I would like to say more toward "Medium" however when I do have the time I can get my teeth stuck into a nice chunk of "Heavy", story-rich RP and welcome it greatly!


Views on RP combat and injuries:


I prefer to either roll a dice and roleplay the consequences of that dice roll or just roleplay as normal without using dice to determine events. I don't do D&D character attributes and HP with dice rolling every move. It completely ruins immersion for me and becomes tedious and time consuming.


Views on IC romance:


Now with Gene - I like to write on his profile that he is quite the hopeless romantic type and his advances are usually met with a slap in the face and his charms often fail him. Because of Gene's character - I truly feel the need to stress the fact that I am not OOCly driven to find romance or anything lol.


I'm actually a straight female who just enjoys playing the character of Gene and find it comical at how he is portrayed and received. I play the ROLE of Gene. There is no weird ulterior motives like I have unfortunately and often come across in the roleplay world. Roleplay to me is playing a role. Nothing more, nothing less.


However! Should Gene actually find love or romance during his quests then I am more than happy to play along with it!


Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):


I am totally open to any RP connections including family ties, frenemies, foes and more! Just poke me and we can work something out. :D


Views on lore:


I do prefer to roleplay within the lore and awareness of the environment however I am no lore guru myself and open to folk correcting me if I may say/do something that doesn't make sense according to the lore. I'll feel stupid for about 15 seconds but that's okay. :D


Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):


I like to try and keep roleplay in /say and /em as much as possible. It's all about the immersion for me. I can however adapt to other channels if required. IC linkshells are fine and OOC are fine depending on their individual purposes.


I am not keen on paragraph-posting as it swallows the chat and can be somewhat intimidating to others. I don't mind if it is necessary of course.


For me, roleplay is all about improvisation and being quick as you can to respond and react as your character would.


Paragraphs take time to type, read and then think of a response for each key points in the respective paragraph and it all just becomes too tedious, ruins the flow for me and seems more like forum-RP rather than improvisation.


III. Other Info


Country: United Kingdom

Timezone: GMT/BST/EU

Contact info: RPC Private Message or in-game

RPC Wiki Profile: Check out Gene's Profile Here!


I took a couple of long breaks from the game over the past couple years so i've not really had chance to make any decent long-lasting connections. I hope to find and make new friends and fellow roleplayers that I can stick around like a bad smell from now on! :D

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Gene sounds like a fun character!

Since I'm on Mateus I can only wish you good luck on your search! o/

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