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- Moonie's Commissions - OPEN

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I am back! Hi there! I am opening commissions for 2 slots! 


  1. _____
  2. _____



All rights reserved -

For more informationAytiginn commissions

You can follow me on deviant art as well ! : Aytiginn Dev

Follow me on twitter: @Moonie_2_Loonie

Support me on Patreon for discounts, rewards and more: patreon.com/Moonie_Loonie

commisionpoint 2.png


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Hello ! 

My name is MoonieLoonie and I would like to share my commission page for you guys: 


The link for more information on the prices go to my  - Commission page website

If you wish to contact me, e-mail me at : Aytiginn@outlook.com


Here are some examples to my page: 






I can also do gif's such as : 


If you like one of these, you'll need to contact me so we can discuss the details !

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Commission done for Tellios and R'adebh Xion-- 

Here are the steps I took to achieve the end result ! 


First few sketches:



Continued working and we found the sketch we both liked ! 



The process began by lining then coloring ! 




All rights reserved - You can see the full image at my website: Aytiginn commissions

You can follow me on deviant art as well ! : Aytiginn Dev


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Updated Commission page! 

Fullbody Semi-painted and painted + Chibi that is semi-simple and simple! ( Not as much shading )


I have a youtube channel too! https://www.youtube.com/moonieloonie

I can feature your commission as a speed paint in a video too if you would like! 

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