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Free Company and Personal Housing Listings

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[Server]: Balmung

[Housing]: Auroch Trading Post

[Ward]: Lavender Beds, Ward 15

[Plot]: Plot 21

[Description]: The main headquarters of the Golden Auroch Trading Company—dealers in commerce around Hydaelyn and odd jobs. Hosts of the upstairs "Auroch Lounge" every Thursday evening between 9pm EST, generally ending around 12am EST.

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Adding my bookstore/pharmacy combo to the fray!

Server: Jenova
Housing: Work of Heart
Ward: 18th Ward
Plot: Plot #42
Description: Bookstore/Pharmacy combo that also serves as a sanctuary for the weary. 
(Open every Friday when Party Finder Entry is up!)
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[Server]: Balmung

[Housing]: Shroudrose Teahouse

[Ward]: Lavender Beds, Ward 5

[Plot]: Plot 58

[Description]: Teahouse and tavern, open as an RP venue anytime and may be rented for events! Teatime event 1st and 3rd Monday of each month!

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[Server]: Balmung

[Housing]: Althaea's Garden

[Ward]: Lavender Beds, Ward 10

[Plot]: Plot 3

[Description]: Althaea's Garden was once known as a place for orphans and people who had lost their way. However, following an attack on the residence, the children who stayed in the orphanage have been moved to the Stillglade Fane due to safety concerns. Most staff has also vacated the estate.. some rumors indicate that it may be even 'haunted,' or that the elementals frown upon it. ((OOCly, contact Blade Belisaire in game or Avi#1036 on Discord for more information))

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Server: Mateus

Housing: Uranami Onsen

District: Mist

Ward: 7

Plot: 10

Description: Uranami Onsen is an indoor & outdoor hotspring including an izakaya and wellness room.

(Contact; Fox #5907 on Discord. Nohni Vhaze/Oyuna Kagon in game.)

Edited by Fox
Updated location
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