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Mia Ostergard

[Ultros] The Coven: A Chronicle of Events

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[align=center]The Staff

Leranin Sidos (DM)

Mia Siserae (Assistant DM)

Sogarn Ostergard (Assistant DM)

Chell Von'Steinbauer (Assistant DM)



Prelude:The Awakening 10/27/17

Upon slaying Greybeard and finally gaining access to his treasure, the LNC opens it only to find that they have released the souls of the Coven, a fate that Greybeard was trying to deter them from all along. After taking heavy injuries from being possessed by Greybeard in the final battle, Leranin hands the Amulet of the Reverie over to Mia, making her the new Captain. He reveals that the Reverie is alive and siphons aether from the Captain, so the mantle must be passed ever so often lest the Captain perishes.


Ultimate Objectives

  • Stop the Coven from strengthening in power and numbers
  • Figure out how to seal the Coven away for good

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[align=center]Intermission Event



Cast of Characters

1) Hikaru and Kaoru played by Umbre and Leo

2) Tamaki played by Erie'li

3) Honey and Mori played by Cici and Si'mon

4) Kyoya played by Sogarn

5) Haruhi played by Mia

6) Concierge played by Leranin


Admission Fee: 10,000 GP

Tipping is entirely optional

Limit 4 Patrons per Host/Host pairing

Lavender Beds Ward 8, Plot 58

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The Coven - Act I Scene I

Date: 11/10/17

Time: 9:30PM EST

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Synopsis:The Coven - Act I Scene I

The crew is given leads from the re-deceased ex of Sogarn, as they split into two groups to go follow the leads for more information on the Coven.


Team Sogarn







The group discovers a crypt in the Sagolii desert filled with fresh Blackwater corpses in neatly stacked coffins. Inside one, a sailor is still alive, Sige. Using force, the group discovers Sige is undead. He describes a Hyur barmaiden in Vesper Bar setting his crew up for a trap, and that she seemed to be acting strangely as of late. She had normally been a reliable source of work. The group allows Sige to leave in his undeath.


Team Mia








After meeting with a loud and strict Roe Chef in Wineport, the group meets with the White Witch who sends them off with a Spirit Vision blessing to Hyrstmill for more information. Upon arriving at the tavern, the crew arrives at a bloody mess, the tavern covered in corpses as Spirit Vision allows them to speak with the spirits of the newly departed. They find a trap door after figuring out that the Coven had come through. After staving off booby traps and necrofire, the crew finds out that the Coven has made off with what they came for, a Grimoire.




Both teams arrive back at the Gypsy as a mysterious fog rolls in, maddening Leo, Sogarn, and Sonaris. Leo is knocked back to his senses by Erie'li, as Sogarn comes to from a thwart from Mia. Sonaris is overtaken by a demon from her past as she begins to rain hellfire on the LNC. Zatrann and his crew drop from their airship and come to the rescue of the LNC as they are able to hold the line which forces the possessed Sonaris to flee.


Team Zatrann





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The Coven - Act I Scene II

Date: 11/17/17

Time: 9:30PM EST

Hosted by Shesha Sonaris (DM)

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