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Metaphysick are a company of paranormal investigators led by a mysterious benefactor. We're a tight-knit group of friends and allies, preferring quality over quantity in our membership. An overarching plotline keeps us moving forward each week while social and one-shot events occur on a regular basis. We are mostly active during EU peak hours, i.e. between 5 pm and midnight GMT, although we do have a few NA members.




Metaphysick was established by someone known only as 'M', with the goal of forming a professional team to cleanse Eorzea of the voidsent menace. M spares no expense in providing their employees with the tools required to do their job and generously compensates them for their efforts. Speaking only via linkpearl and keeping both methods and motives close to heart, some would no doubt be loath to trust this mysterious figure, but thus far they have proven true to their word.


What We Do


We are paranormal investigators based in Mist, Ward 12, Plot 35, also known as the Midnight Bastion. Our roleplay largely revolves around undertaking work for our anonymous benefactor, M. He or she is devoted to eradicating the world of voidsent; to that end, we exterminate creatures as well as capture and study them in order to improve our techniques.


As we deal with combat fairly often, we use a flexible combat system which has been crafted and tuned over the course of several years but still allows plenty of room for creativity. Using the game's built in /random text command, we determine hit chance and other variables. Each character is also allowed personalised abilities to improve those numbers, provide support and more.


Of course, not every roleplay session is going to end in blood; to that end, we have a system for determining the success of actions such as sneaking, bluffing and so on. Every character's skills and flaws are taken into account to keep situations realistic, so a scrawny librarian will have a harder time moving a large boulder than a muscle-bound warrior.


But sometimes we just want to kick back and relax. Impromptu social gatherings and holiday parties are regular features, where you can get to know your allies outside of the field of battle. We also keep an eye on Balmung's roleplay scene and encourage members to attend publicly held events with us.


Who We Want


We have a small but active player base and want to keep our friendly and intimate atmosphere. As a result, we seek like-minded individuals who will participate regularly and take the many opportunities given to fit in and make themselves at home. Everyone is welcome to host events and we are happy to assist those who have little or no experience running a plot, whether it be co-DMing or merely providing advice.


Any character with an interest in voidsent, the occult, ancient ruins or simply wanting to make the world a better place would find good company here. As you can imagine, we are predominantly good-aligned and would only make an exception for extremely well-written malicious characters. If you're unsure whether your character would work well with us, please do get in touch with Torhe Raanu or Rosamund Hale to discuss your ideas and circumstances.


Please complete an application on our site if you're interested in joining. (Note: Recruitment is currently closed.)

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The Tale of Metaphysick Begins




From the ashes of the past, a new force emerges...


The former employees of an estate overlooking the sea in La Noscea gathered for an impromptu meeting late one night. A strange mechanical box greeted those who clung to what had once been, or who had nowhere else to go, and from it spoke an indistinguishable voice. It declared that it was the new proprietor from afar, and the house was now a place for voidsent capture, study and banishment. Questions arose, met with satisfactory, if somewhat evasive, responses.


The voice instructed them that they must undertake a trial against a group of voidsent that had infested a local lighthouse. Should they pass, they would be deemed ready to face the challenges ahead and offered a formal position with the newly formed company. The pay was generous and there were promises of no limits - whether monetary or otherwise - to the extent the new proprietor would go in order to see his plans brought to fruition.


Those assembled agreed to the terms and arrived at a light house, where they were quickly set upon by imps. A masked woman with a penchant for heroic flair quickly joined the fray to assist, and working together, the imps’ tricks and spells were put to an end. They passed the trial.


The following morning, they all received a letter and linkpearl from 'M', welcoming them to Metaphysick.


Original post and screenshot by Ruran Vas.

Edited by Rosamund

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Chapter 1: November 2017




A moon has passed since Metaphysick began their task of eradicating voidsent from Eorzea. We confronted cultists summoning a monstrosity from an abandoned fortress in the frozen wastes of Coerthas. Hewn from the bodies of the fallen, we defeated both beast and masters, laying the tormented souls to rest.


Deep in the Shroud, we tracked a hapless scholar and uncovered his fumbling efforts to summon a spirit of knowledge in long-forgotten ruins. Although the poor soul did not survive the encounter, he left behind his ritual book and we spent time investigating its contents. It seemed the tome was more than it appeared, containing a voidsent within its very pages. The creature toyed with our minds and even devoured the aether of one of our own before we vanquished it.


Amidst our battles, we welcomed Ellere Valahan to our outfit. A trusted friend of Ruran Vas and skilled healer, she has already proven herself with her talents for mending and protecting.


Our secretive benefactor, M, has thus far been pleased with our efforts but warns that this is but the very beginning. More nightmares lay further ahead that will truly test our mettle and resolve. Are we ready?



We’ve had a productive second month here at Metaphysick. Our system for combat events has been overhauled and we’re now working on the finishing touches, contacts are being made for collaborative events and we’re even pondering a public server-wide event in the future. Watch this space!


Now that everyone has settled into their roles and begun to bond, we began looking for a few new faces (EU-based but we do have some NA members) and were pleased to welcome Ellere to the fold earlier this month. If you’re interested in joining, check out our website for more information.


That’s all from us for now - see you again in December!


Screenshot by Ruran Vas.

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Chapter 2: December 2017




Metaphysick were hard at work the past moon and we took some time to reflect as a cycle, too, comes to an end.


At M's behest, we ventured to Camp Bronze Lake to investigate strange behaviour from visitors to the hot springs and dispatched a single voidsent. It was clear that this puzzle was far from solved but, before we could investigate further, a distraught woman hired us to deal with an infestation at her estate in the Shroud. After dealing with the creatures we found therein, the woman revealed herself to have orchestrated it all. She explained that she was a hunter of voidsent too, in a way, and proposed an alliance. Unfortunately, we found her methods too dangerous and had to part ways.


With the cycle drawing to a close, we spent the remainder of the month simply enjoying each others' company and partaking in festive cheer. Zaoka Aloka surprised us all by proposing to his partner, Elle Belle, and we look forward to attending their wedding in the coming suns.



We had a lot of fun this month, with a co-operative plot hosted by Ume Muto and a cosy Starlight gathering in Coerthas. Now that the year is nearly over, we're taking some time off to gear up for a busy January. Ellere Valahan is going to be running a series of events and we're excited to see her story brought to life.


Merry Christmas and happy Starlight from all of us at Metaphysick!

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Chapter 3: January 2018




Metaphysick had another busy moon, travelling all over Eorzea to aid and assist those in trouble.


We ventured to the north, first in the icy region of Coerthas, and then to the Dravanian Forelands, at Rufus Wightman's behest. Although we managed to track down voidsent, the source eluded us for now. Later on, we were asked by Ellere Valahan to help track down a tome stolen from her. The trail led us to ruins in southern Thanalan, then near Cutter's Cry where we were ambushed by cultists and Ellere kidnapped. In the final showdown, we took down the mastermind while a voidgate spewed forth monsters from the abyss. Ellere was found, safe and mostly sound, and the gate closed - for good, we hope.


The near future promises to be challenging as well. A gentleman contracted us to clear his family's island of ashkin and voidsent; no doubt a formidable task, but one we are ready to tackle.



January was jam-packed with roleplay, from the aforementioned events to social outings at the Sea Breeze Bazaar and Arcane Gala, as well as a friendly gathering for our existing members to meet the new faces. Speaking of which, we warmly welcomed Tara Leigh, T'khiryn Tia and Rufus Wightman to the company, all of whom have settled in well. We're still recruiting for a couple more people so do get in touch if you're interested!


Finally, we're hosting a server-wide event on 9 February, with lectures on various types of voidsent, how to defend against them and practical trials to test your skills. Hope to see you there!


Until next time, take care and Twelve watch over you.

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Chapter 4: February 2018




We've been bustling with activity this moon at Metaphysick. We began by assisting Jamie Goldenhearth with an infestation of ashkin and voidsent on his family estate. Now cleansed of the monsters, Jamie informs us that all is well and he has sold the land to a wealthy buyer.


We then opened our doors to the public to educate the populace on voidsent. After a lecture with a lengthy question and answer segment, we took willing volunteers outside to practise defensive techniques against glamoured mammets. Defense Against the Darkest Arts and Voidsent was a great success, and we thank everyone who attended and participated. Once we have the spare time again, we'll be looking at arranging another lecture for more advanced students.


Finally, we untangled the threads surrounding suspicious incidents occurring at Camp Bronze Lake. Tracking down rumours of the suspected purveyor of tainted warmwine, we rushed back to the camp to discover it infested with voidsent. We put down the creatures and saved two survivors before leaving the Yellowjackets to attend to the aftermath.


We've also had quite a few social outings as well as another meet and greet to introduce our newest members into the company. Rest well earned indeed. In fact, after all the work we've undertaken lately, there's rumours that M might be insisting we take a little break in the near future...



We had a lot of fun in February, between our own plots and our first server-wide public event. We've had a lot of interest in setting up another lecture and plan to deliver in the future, so keep an eye out! 


We've also grown substantially in the past month. We welcomed Deimos Xura, Hime Yozora, Jamie Goldenhearth, Kanmir Draketooth, Kasi Shai, Otte Dreamwalker, Sinjiro Shoujiro and Yauna Shai all in the space of a few weeks! We're overwhelmed by the interest we've had of late, and very much appreciate it, but recruitment has now closed so we can ensure everyone has settled in.


Until next time!

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Chapter 5: March 2018




What better way to start the moon than by taking a forced vacation? M employed subterfuge to get us all to Shirogane for well-earned rest and relaxation, although some enjoyed it far less than others.


When we returned, one of Ruran Vas’s friends, G’rha Nunh, requested our aid in dealing with a high ranked voidsent. Ellere Valahan was held hostage as we frantically searched for a way to eliminate the creature and save Rha from certain death. Although we succeeded in the end, we worry about Rha’s future.


Later on, a routine extermination of voidsent led to darker events and unravelling mysteries. Attacked in our own home with a message written in blood, we’ve locked down the estate for our safety and travelled to Ishgard in search of clues. Where will this twisted tale lead us next?



March was a busy month for us, with several plots either starting or wrapping up. We also began a regular informal meeting of sorts, to socialise and catch up on the previous week’s activities. 


The new blood we’ve taken in last month has settled in well and we’re happy with our current roster of members so will be keeping recruitment closed for the foreseeable future.


Until next time!

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Chapter 6: April 2018



And what a busy chapter it's been for Metaphysick, seeing the conclusion of long-running sagas such as the saving of Ruran's friend, G’rha Nunh, with an epic showdown resulting in the downfall of an ancient invader from the Void, and Rosa's confrontation with her long-forgotten past (Which sadly took its toll on her memories, leaving expansive blanks where once resided memories of Torhe.)


Elsewhere in Eorzea, our resident scholars and hunters were in hot pursuit of a stolen artefact, a scythe belonging to an ancient Ishgardian Dark Knight, now in the hands of a jester-styled voidsent, while nearby on the Black Iron Bridge, an unusually shaped voidsent siege engine fell to the combined efforts of our field research team.  More recently, our field operatives had a most unfortunate encounter with a cursed ship, and a most unaccommodating Flan that could only end one way - the ship at the bottom of the ocean, and the accursed slime along with it.


Closer to home, the investigation of a desperate Lady in search of forbidden artefacts led to the employment of Deimos Xura as procurer of rare and obscure items (and his retainer, Celeste), while the Matron's Reach's own Maril Hawker lent her considerable medical expertise to the institute, alongside her apprentice Chloe Lombardi.


In less action-packed, but still important news, the Metaphysick benefactor, M, saw fit to update the estate with a new training room for our more martial members, while all benefit from the addition of a fully-featured spa for their employees.



We thought March was a busy month; April blew that clean out of the water with more events than could be mentioned in a brief summary, both big and small.


Having reached a fair number that we're happy with, we regretfully had to close our doors to new applicants, allowing us to focus on integrating our existing roster fully!  And we're pleased to say that each addition has worked out beautifully.  Thanks to each and every one of you wonderful people!


Until next time!

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Chapter 7: May 2018




This moon was full of adventure for Metaphysick. We fought our way through a Gyr Abanian crypt, answering riddles and fighting off cultists, before finally coming toe-to-toe with the so-called Lord of Plagues. The battle was hard-won but we lived to fight another day.


Danger came uncomfortably close to home when several of our members were kidnapped. A voidsent had taken possession of Maril Hawker's old conjury staff and began hunting down others in the company to lure Maril out and claim her new staff as well. The creature posed as Maril and convinced some of us to travel to Outer La Noscea with the new staff, whereupon the treachery was revealed and the monster put down for good.


Later on, sightings of strange-looking skatene accompanied by a veritable army of imps led us to the Great Gubal Library. We gave chase but the creatures fled with their prize of one of the library's books, leaving us to fend against what can only be described as living shadows. What were the beasts after? We will be tracking them down and solving this mystery soon.



We've had another productive month, from one-shot events to longer plots which have yet to reach completion. We're quite impressed with the work our newer DMs have done and look forward to more from them in the future! In the meantime, we have plans of our own, including a rehaul and return of our research and development.


Recruitment was opened briefly as well; we welcomed Maril Hawker, Chloe Lombardi and Averill Rooks to the fold, who have all been great assets to the group. Unfortunately, that does mean our doors are closed again but we hope to consider applicants again soon.


Until next time!

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Chapter 8: June 2018




Oi oi, lads, lasses and fellas with glasses~ Zaoka here with the Monthly Newsletter, filling in for Rosamund and Torhe while they get settled into their new home!

We’ve had a fairly relaxed month now that the “second winter” has passed and we’ve been booted right into summer, though that’s not to mean that we haven’t been busy!


We saw the conclusion of two current storylines, with the conclusion of Guardians of Fate sending the members of Metaphysick on a collision course with Lady Vesiall in Twelveswood. Soon thereafter another threat from the void had returned, this time in the form of the being dubbed ‘The Jester’. Through both gruelling fights, the members of Metaphysick were able to persevere in the end, though each battle was not with out their own costs.


Now a hyurian woman by the name of Evienne has turned up at the doorstep of the Midnight Bastion, and with her pleas for help, something more malign follows. Stay tuned for next months newsletters for more developments in Metaphysick. Til then, have fun n’ take care!


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Chapter 9: July - August 2018




We had an interesting couple of moons at Metaphysick, first tracking down a mysterious woman and rescuing those who had been taken by her. It seemed she had been possessed and her love for others was twisted into something dangerous. While the woman was defeated, the weight of her death weighed on us as we wondered if, perhaps, she could have been saved.


Later on, we unearthed an ancient relic in Thanalan which caused no end of chaos and turmoil after we brought it back to our home for study. It would seem something, or someone, was lurking within the statue and capable of controlling thoughts and behaviours. After a difficult battle, both with each other and the relic, we had finally defeated it - although some could not help but wonder if this was truly the end.


With the exhausting work taking its toll, it might be time for some rest and recuperation in our future.



Summer is winding down but we've had a lot of fun the past two months. Many thanks to Chloe Lombardi who DMed for us for the first time! We really enjoyed her story and hope to see her work again in the future.


Speaking of the future, we have something special planned for when the nights grow darker and chill winds blow. More details to come next month...


Until next time!

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Chapter 10: September - October 2018




The past two moons have been quieter than previous, although we can't deny we deserved a welcome break from the usual mayhem. 


A stone tablet etched with runes led us to Gyr Abania, where we discovered traps and riddles to solve before returning home with a strange jade chocobo statue. Zaoka Aloka also organised a team-building camping trip in the jungles of La Noscea, allowing us all a chance to show off our survival skills and bond. Finally, we then hosted a night of chilling tales at the Bastion to celebrate All Saints' Wake.


What will the future hold, we wonder?



An entire year has gone by since we launched Metaphysick and we're excited to see where the next leads us! Although real life has conspired against us at times, we've still got a lot planned for the coming months and can't wait to set some new plots into motion. We also welcomed Ravil Raindance and Cucura Cura, who are fitting in marvellously. 


Until next time!

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Chapter 11: November - December 2018




While in most circles, what we call the calm before the storm is precisely that, a calm, we here at Metaphysick scoff at such a relaxing notion.


A search for a lost city resulted in the stolen soul of a resident Sharlayan, who yet still slumbers even after the shadowy fiend responsible was sent packing! (And the lost city in question keeps the prefix ‘lost’), followed by a star-bright Starlight that capped off what has proven to be quite the memorable twelve Moons.


Of course, this was just the calm, and looming events on a very near horizon look to make for quite the explosive start for a new year.



Which is to say… where did 2018 go? We swear, we blinked and missed it. And with that in mind, may we here at Metaphysick wish everyone a (somewhat belated) Starlight, and a very merry (belated, again. Curse these updates.) new year! Large events and some smaller changes are already under way to shape what is going to hopefully be an incredible 2019.


And to everyone in Metaphysick? THANK YOU. You’re awesome, each and every one of you. 

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