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Aoi Fukiku

balmung Always on the look out for more friends!

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With the holiday hours starting up for most of my buddies I am going to toss my feelers out there for anyone who may be interested in some RP or even PVE!


About me

I have been roleplaying for far too long and have fallen in to the category of what many young whipper snappers call 'too old'. I enjoy Para-RP but if need be will mirror those around me to make it easier. I can heal (Main class/WHM), DPS (Bard), or Tank (I'm bad at this one)


I enjoy PVE as well and have a 'door' fetish (Aka, I love doing maps) and farming for glam or even just helping someone out through the queue. My hours of availability are:


Monday - Friday 5:30pm - 12am EST

Saturday - Open (unless out on date night with husband)

Saturday - Open (unless out on date night with husband)




About Seye

Seye is a mute Keeper who has an odd dislike of having to write things down. Her primary mode of communication is often Charades but if she gets annoyed enough she does carry a notepad with her to scribble down what she wants to say. She enjoys the outdoors and oddly enough; always seems happy.


She is big on gardening, herbalism and Alchemy. Enjoys lounging around and after surviving on her own for so long she has an odd need to sleep in high places. Further information can be found on her wiki!


Are you open to Romance?

Seye is straight and single but anyone who may think of pushing down that road will need to work for it. Seye has already turned several people down because she wants someone who can 'understand' her. She dislikes the idea of having to write down romance. Seye is also not very experienced in the department either and is prone to asking odd questions.


I am open to Discord RP but I don't want it to be the primary place of RP as I enjoy being able to RP ingame as well!


If you have any questions or want to get ahold of me my discord is Seye Qhesu#1707

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