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Back, at long last.

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So, after a long hiatus, I'm returning to the game and my dear Akhutai.. For various reasons (Namely, FC/LS falling apart and having no friends or social connections to keep me tied here), I had left back near the start-ish of Heavensward. But! I've been wanting to come back for a while, and I saw that Stormblood was on sale for Black Friday, so I grabbed a copy and am back.  


With that, Akhutai's ingame history is more or less going to be revamped and rewritten into a more generalized thing, due to me not remembering crap from before.  Also interested in looking for a LS or FC, mid-heavy RP probably... Though, I suppose theres a subforum for that I should look through. 


Anywho.. Hey! It's good to be back. Also, overwhelming.

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Welcome back to the addiction! 


As you mentioned there is a free company/linkshell hall to peruse through. The links are the fourth and fifth button on the top menu.


Hopefully you find one to suit your needs and keep you hooked this time. :P

 Me too! That's definitely a big part of games like this, and a big part of the addiction. Last time, I had an FC and stuff but I never felt particularly tied to it, and so when it all fell apart and the FC merged with another one, I just kind of.. Didn't go with? Because I never felt like I was part of the FC to begin with. 


Hoping I find something better this time.

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