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Arashin Kujqai

mateus Bodyguard looking to serve

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Hi there, I've done some work on one of my characters and have been wanting to have some long term RP with him being an intimidating figure for someone's protection. I'll just copy/paste what I put in the Mateus RP hub discord and you can pm me or ask questions here if you're interested!

About the position


He's a Xaela Dark Knight ICly and belongs to the Kujqai tribe. After a series of unfortunate events, and stumbling upon a soul crystal that fed his doubts... he's come to understand his authority above his tribe's beliefs as well as how faith can condemn anyone to a life of misery or death. With this, he has taken off searching for a purpose beyond the common religion and faith. While he is no longer a very talkative person or belonging to the steppes, he still holds some traditions true to his tribe in secret. His loyalty is without doubt but the very doubt he held prior to succumbing to the dark arts still lingers yet within him. His conviction is his power, and he will serve anyone with a worthy enough cause or that needs protection.


OOCly I'm hoping to be the type of bodyguard that lingers around behind someone standing mighty and quiet majority of the time. Obeys the commands of someone, an intimidating figure. He's not without his own plot but I'd love to be the "gun in a sword fight" if that makes any sense lol.


About the character


Name: Nashan Kujqai

Age: 24

Title: Of the Thundering Sunset

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Abilities: Dark Knight, knowledgeable hunter/gatherer.

Bio: Grown weary of seeking the khan of the tribe, his parent's passing, and being stuck in the steppes for so long... Nashan set off to explore distant lands. In the trip to Eorzea though, had his doubts and failures eaten away at the fabric of his conscience. Stumbling upon an odd crystal on the same boat he traveled to Eorzea with, it helped Nashan cave into his darkest thoughts. His regrets, his repressed negativity, his darkness... all of these were fed to him through this crystal since he picked it up. Travels through Eorzea proved difficult and even ridiculous in the amount of unfortunate events that would befall him. Somehow he knew to not let the crystal go, despite it affecting him physically, losing scales off his face, hair losing it's natural color. Nearly succumbing to the insanity along with the darkness's hidden desires, Nashan somehow overcame it all with a realization. Though the toll he paid for his mental and physical state was high, Nashan had learned through this that his faiths and beliefs lead to agony and pain. The dedication to gods, practices of the common religion that fools would so easily cave into believing.... His hate and depression turned to mutual understanding and righteousness. His darkness grew and he had accepted this along with his natural personality. Now he roams, finding purpose in bringing truth to those who wear rose tinted glasses through their own faith. He's quiet, monotone even, but his conviction proves to be as mighty as it was of the Steppes. Through the darkness's amplified powers, he wields a great sword that emits lightning when drawn. He has not given up on his tribal beliefs entirely, and to an extent believes to be the will of the wind's thundering judgement, manifested through fate.




I've held up his previous backstory as well if anyone would be interested to read that but this is overall what his current character is. Face reveals will be for anyone who is interested in his service :P.


His standing is pretty neutral so long as you can convince me OOCly the cause in their eyes sounds just. So even if you're an evildoer, if you can make your cause look as though it's righteous through certain perspectives.... He may dedicate his sword to you. He's not a brute, a bodyguard, so he won't be serving as someone's mercenary or anything like that. I'm fine with any RP but ERP needs story to make sense and typically will only fade to black if there is anything. Leave a comment below, hit me up on discord or here in pm's if you're interested at all!

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Ty for everyone's replies, I actually got someone now! Also I'm not sure why everyone's asking in pm's instead of just bumping this to ask xD but ty to those who did anyways!

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