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balmung The Moonshades [Balmung]

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UPDATE 12/12/2017: Check out our new Free Company information pamphlet at the link here!



As the eyes of the world lookbeyond the borders of the Grand Alliance, out towards Gyr Abania and further still to the Far East, dangers and terrors still threaten the lands close to home. Beneath the boughs of the Black Shroud roam a myriad of threats. Ixal warbands stalk the forest for victims, as do slaver clans and poachers with more... exotic tastes in prey. Remnant Garleans maintain a presence in the woods, stirring the Sylphs to violence and enraging the elemental spirits, awakening the dreaded Woodwrath. Terrors of the past haunt the scattered ruins of the ancient civilization of Amdapor, and Voidsent from the War of the Magi linger in the deepest part of the forest.


All this and more threaten thepeople of Gridania and the Shroud itself. With the Twin Adders and Wood Wailers stretched beyond their capabilities, who is left to stand for those who call the forest home?





The Moonshades are a small group of like-minded individuals striving to make the Black Shroud a safer place to live with their own hands. Some do so out of a sense of duty or altruism, and many join the ranks of the shades because they are dissatisfied with the job the current authorities are doing, but backgrounds and motivations are irrelevant; a former poacher looking to repent her ways can find service as a shade just as likely as an ex-Wood Wailer looking to continue his duties independent of Gridania's law. So long as your interests lay in staving off the many threats hidden in the forest, where you came from matters not.

Despite technically being on the same side as the official authorities of Gridania, the Moonshades rub shoulders with the Twin Adders and the Wood Wailers, who view the band as well-meaning citizens at best and dangerous vigilantes at worst. So far they've been content with little more than verbal warnings. As the Moonshades grow and their exploits become more numerous, however, they'll have to tread carefully to prevent making enemies out of the very people they're technically trying to help.

Finding and joining the Moonshades isn't difficult, at least for those that know to look for the signs. Anyone familiar with huntspeak can find waymarks that lead to the Moonshades' den, and even those less attuned to the wilder ways can get helpful directions from one of several roadside inns around Gridania, including the venerable Buscarron himself (though he's liken to get you to purchase a drink first; ask for the Coeurl Piss).


Out of Character


The Moonshades is a newly formed Free Company. Members are expected to actively participate in roleplaying, but are not required to be in character at all times. As of yet, we offer little in the way of amenities such as buffs and housing (though most founding members have houses of their own within the Lavender Beds to gather at), but are working hard to achieve those things.

As a company we are looking toremain relatively small, with a focus on a tight-knit group than an expansive roster. Having said that, we aren't putting a hard cap on membership either, so if you think you're a good fit or an excellent roleplayer, don't be afraid to drop us a line regardless what the recruitment status might say.

Thematically, members should be focused around (though not strictly bound to) the Black Shroud for one reason or another. If you're a Limsan pirate or a canny Ul'dah merchant, you'll need a good reason for joining up. Scheduled events will primarily focus on locating and dealing with the various dangers out in the Shroud while following an ongoing company narrative, with quieter, unscripted days likely involving training, rituals, or visiting one of the Gridania-based social settings.



If you have any questions or are interested in joining or coordinating with the Moonshades, send me a message in-game (Rinda'li Shalo) or message me on Discord at Rindali#3204.

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