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Arashin Kujqai

discussion What are some of your external Bio/Wiki/RP pages?

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I've been looking around between the RPC's wiki pages, some tumblrs, and even original websites and I was curious to see some more on how you use them or what specifically for. I've seen some who use them as a character's activity tracer to what they're doing to this day in time as well as some that are just well documented backgrounds. Do you have multiples or just one? Why did you pick the host you did and how useful is it in your opinion compared to others?


I've made a couple RPC wiki pages myself and find myself getting lost in a sea of HTML like I used to when I was in web design. That's not necessarily a bad thing, since more advanced customization is allowed typically and you can sorta feel out your own layouts and pages if you're not 100% savvy with coding. I'm experimenting with tumblr a bit but it seems more grounded in social aspects or keeping up to date than just forming a bio. Which also seems like it could be nice to have one of each, one for a general story/background and one that updates what your char is getting into.


Feel free to drop links in here and share your thoughts about them overall o/. Even if they're not widely recognized or known about, share em!

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I am working of this style for all of my characters: http://meandering-mind.tumblr.com/Maril#_=_


I've adapted it from this http://theme-hunter.tumblr.com/post/164710582619/aisrps-psylla-about-page-01-by-aisrps-live - I don't know how to code, I just started removing things and guessing a lot. I like more simple templates than the fancy stuff that started out with being. My main goal is to have it up as a mini wiki-profile, because I spend a lot of time on Tumblr, and then to keep relations written there - Relations will still be on my wiki, but the tumblr one might be updated more regularly. I love my wiki-page's design, but I get lost in the mountains of code.

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