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☆a cυrιoυѕ prιnceѕѕ oғ тнe ѕтarѕ☆ ~ LF Connections

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[align=center]Born in the bottom slums of Ishgard, Alistair knew from a young age that life could be terribly unfair for those unfortunate enough to live in the Brume. But Lady Fate had other plans for the little orphan; after a chance encounter with the eccentric Countess of House Lumiere, Alistair’s simple life would never be the same.[/align]


[align=center]Falling in love with his soft features and pale complexion, Countess Zephiane took it upon herself to adopt the young Hyur into her family and raise him as her first born child, a lovely “daughter” by the name of Alice du Lumiere. Treated with naught but kindness and adoration at the cost of abandoning past and gender, Alice wanted for nothing ever again. Currently spends his free time studying astromancy under Jannequinard de Durendaire and avoiding marriage proposals like the plague.[/align]


[align=center]At a glance, Alice is a proper young lady who hardly ever raises her voice and never fails to smile politely and try to start up friendly conversation whilst out in public. But behind closed doors, or with those close to him, the “Daughter” of House Lumiere is unforgivingly blunt, slightly goofy after a nice cup of cocoa, and a bit insecure.[/align]


[align=center]Taught to never judge a book by it's cover, Alice treats every man and woman he meets with the same courtesy he wishes to be shown--regardless of social standing. And is loyal to a fault when it comes to friends and loved ones.[/align]






[align=center]:moogle: Here I go, back at it again with another OC. :moogle:[/align]


[align=center]I'm looking for anyone with ties to Ishgard (even if you're just passing through) who might be interested in meeting up with Alice. If you'd like to start up a scene or brainstorm some plots and possible relationships between our characters please feel free to either PM me here on the RPC, over on Discord @ ittybittydorks#3612 (which might be your best bet honestly lol), or in-game via /tell to Alice Du-lumiere.[/align]


[align=center]Can't wait to hear from you soon and happy role-playing.[/align]

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