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Hello Everyone!

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Hi there everyone,


My name is Leithe. I am pretty new to the world of Final Fantasy 14, but roleplaying is not something I am new to at all. In fact, I have roleplayed a lot up to this moment. I began back before roleplaying games were really a thing let alone MMOs. I began with online chat-rooms and started working my way up from there. 


I'll admit when I started I had some really really badly thought out characters, but I am sure we all have had some horrid characters when we first started. That was many years ago, and many games later. The game I really started roleplaying in was Everquest, after a few years there, I moved onto Dark age of camelot, then onto Everquest 2, onto World of Warcraft, Star wars the old republic.


During my line of gaming stints, I was enrolled in college for Electrical Engineering. Nearing the end of college, I had to step away from gaming to work on my projects and school work. This continued on with me looking into jobs, moving, and finally working in my field. Life had been hectic, but finally I found my life settling down.With that, I felt that itch reappearing.


To try to scratch that itch, I began dungeon mastering for my friends. I even got a couple of them to try out dming which let me build a character to play there. This was good an all,but I still feel I need more. So, I turned back to MMOs to find some people to roleplay with. This is where the problem came in.


I noticed that roleplaying in MMOs seemed to have dropped off a lot since my old times playing. SW:TOR has merged their rping servers together making it difficult to find roleplayers there. World of Warcraft does have roleplaying but it grew stale. BDO is interesting, but being picky, I don't like that each class doesn't have a male/female counterpart. I turned to Final Fantasy XIV because while playing a little bit of the game I found myself falling in love with the world and story. This makes me feel like I did when I started playing in the beginning.


So now, I'd love to meet some of you lovely people and become a part of this community. My character's name is Leithe Fayteh. Throw me a message in game or pm me here.



New to FFXIV, played rping games before, went to school, got busy, and finally returned back to gaming. Loving FFXIV, and want to join community.

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Welcome to FFXIV and to the RPC o/


I hope you've enjoyed your time so far and it only gets better!


It definitely sounds like you have a lot of RP experience. I can definitely say that I can understand how you feel about FFXIV, it's been my favourite MMO since I started playing ^-^


Seeing as you're a fellow player on Mateus, I'll send you a tell if I see you around!

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