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Thorn & Antler is an independent, Rank 8 heavy role-playing Free Company with a heavy emphasis on lore-compliance and character development centered around dark themes and criminal activity. We aim to provide a warm and welcoming community for those who play morally-grey, or morally-black characters, putting quality of members over quantity, and giving every character their chance to shine and an outlet to grow.



We intend to hold events both centered around the Free Company and its members as well as holding weekly or monthly public events such as fight competitions, gambling, black markets, and more.



Thorn & Antler stands as an apothecary situated in North Shroud, north-west of Fallgourd Float and Proud Creek; to the public eye, it is known as an apothecary, marketing all manner of healing herbs and high-quality teas to the people of the Shroud, and offering trade with the hunters, gatherers, and occasionally poachers that pass through. To those who catch the hushed whispers in Buscarron's Druthers or the Bobbing Cork, however, one can acquire far more potent potions and poisons from the old, battered Raen who seems to own the shop, and on certain nights each month, it's said that fights are held for the amusement and profit of those who attend - no holds barred, and with plenty of coin to be earned.





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