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balmung All Male Valentione's Date Auction at the Captain's Cabin!

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Join us on Friday February 9th for the Captain’s Cabin’s first ever ALL MALE date auction and raffle!

Auctioning will not be made with gil. To let everyone have a fair shot at a date (and a real gil prize!), the Cabin staff will be using a token system.


[align=center]How it works:[/align]

  • Ten (10) tokens will be priced at 10,000 gil, and can be exchanged with any of the Captain’s Cabin staff.
  • Tokens cannot be pooled between two individuals.
  • Bidders may bid as many tokens as they have for their date (max. 10)
  • A portion of the gil will be raffled off to one lucky fellow at the end of the night.


[align=center]Schedule – All times are EST.[/align]

8:30pm – Opening – Tokens may be bought.

9:00pm – Beginning of the date auction.

9:30pm – Last call for tokens.

11:00pm – Last call for drinks.

11:30pm – Closing



Can I be auctioned?

Do you play a male character and do you want to be auctioned to a male character? Then yes, absolutely. Contact me in game ( Ahzra’li Lhomi ), or on discord ( Atanamir#8894 ) and we’ll get you set up.


Why not real gil?

We’ve seen real gil auctions go up to ridiculous heights. Let’s face it, we’re RPers. RP is the real endgame and not all of us have a lot to spare. This seems like the most fair way to put everyone on an even ground.


Let’s address the elephant in the room: Why only male characters?

The Captain’s Cabin is a venue that promotes relationships between male characters and is made to be a comfortable, supportive environment for those who do play gay/bisexual males. It seemed only natural that the date auction would be for them.


Why is the location subject to change?

Currently, the Captain’s Cabin is located in an apartment. We are hopeful that we may be able to secure housing for the bar once more housing plots open up later this week. If that fails and we are anticipating big numbers, we may rent out another venue. Keep posted!


Can I help in any way?

The Captain’s Cabin IS in need of more staff as the number of our patrons grow. More information on recruitment here.


This doesn’t answer any of my questions.

I’m sorry. Please feel free to contact me in game or over discord (handles above) and I will sort everything out.



For more about the Captain's Cabin including staff, menus, and recruitment, please visit our site! We'll also be open for normal hours this Friday evening if you want to drop by for a drink. We hope to see you there!

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Still need some more boys for the auction! Don't be shy about poking me on discord with questions. :love:

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