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Is it possible to RP as a Griffin Rider?


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Hi! Been lurking for a while and finally had the nerve to post. My question is can you RP as a griffin rider? I just unlocked the trusted level of the anata beast tribe quest and it is revealed that there is a unit of griffin riders that help the ala mihgo resistance. I had a idea that my character could be a griffin rider for one of the GC (leaning heavily towards Twin Adder), I’m a fan of the black/white/silver gryphon series, thought about pulling from them for character development. My character is an Au Ra Raen and her name is Firis Windrunner.


I hope it is possible as it’s the first inspiration I’ve had in a long time. Please let me know your thoughts. I have the griffin mount from the HW expansion so that is a step in the right direction!


Thank you!

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As far as I know the Griffin Riders would be strictly Ala Mhigan. That's not to say you couldn't find an excuse to have an Au Ra griffin rider (as evidenced by those rping dragoons there are several creative ways to get around this icly) But you might have a harder time of it if the story is not convincing to others.

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So far as we know it’s only the ala mihgo, but I could say she’s part of a tribe of raen who live in another part of hydaelyn who fight with griffins, as we saw in the Azim steppe, the Xaela/raen fight with the Vol. Why can’t the griffin riding be known by others some where else? Hydaelyn has been around for a long time so other people could learn and there are a lot of unexplored areas.

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It's...possible? But you're also looking at what is native to the land. I mean generally the reason we don't all ride horses in Eorzea is because they're not native to the continent and vise versa with Othard, in fact to these respective cultures such mounts are really a foreign concept, Griffins tend to be native to Ala Mhigo in general and  from what little we've been able to  see developed for specifically that region. I usually go by a rule of thumb if you have to do a lot of additional world building to explain your character it's going to be harder to get others to go along with it because very few people are going to accept an info dump for why your character makes sense.


-You're creating an entirely new tribe.

-An isolated Tribe is aware of and trains Griffons

-These Griffon-riding Au Ra were also aware and concerned about the political and revolutionary plight of Ala Mhigans in another continent and risked flying through Garlean airspace to reach Eorzea but could not be bothered to help out their neighboring Doma.

-Or these Au Ra were always in Eorzea and somehow immigrated from Doma hundreds of years ago and went somewhat un-noticed in the space of time where Garleans were crushing any resistance.


You need to also understand that the Autumn War (the time a hundred years ago when Ala Mhigo chose to outright invade the shroud) is a thing and there's still animosity today between Gridanians and Ala Mhigans, so much that Mhigan refugees were not actually allowed to settle in Gridania because the elementals were still pissed off about it.


Now I'm not saying there is not a possible way for you to work this, I think though you might be served better taking a low impact approach with your idea.


You say you want your Au Ra Raen to be a Griffin rider?  Well we're assuming most of the Griffin riders were decimated when the Garleans took over but maybe they're looking to rebuild, maybe your Raen has that sort of gumption to stand up and insist she learn how to ride griffins so here's some options.


-She came across a wounded/abandoned griffin and befriended it.

-She heard tales of Griffin riders of old and took it upon herself to try to rebuild the ranks.

-She fought her way in for a spot among new recruits.

-She was assigned to become a griffin rider as some sort of Grand Company Ala Mhigo initiative  and her unit is a new experimental group of Griffin Riders being tested out as an add on to normal operations.



As a disclaimer, you're free to rp however you wish, there's actually no restriction. I only want to give you these suggestions as a better workaround for what you want and what might create some interesting rp opportunities for your character in the world as this may encourage more people to play off the idea?

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Ooh I like the befriend and help an injured griffin! I could say she learns how to ride and fight with him/her from a ala mihgan who is a former griffin rider. Right now, I took out the griffin rider part of my search information as I can’t even use the mount just yet. Still only level 1. I went the creating a new tribe as I read a wiki where the player created a tribe that based their lore on that they were dragons, so I was going that route.


Another was she and her griffin are from a original story’s world and are thrown into Eorzea by portal or alchemic item goes awry.

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I find question "is it possible to rp as X" - how should I say it - lazy?

Mind you, I'm not here to insult anyone so let me explain.

I get that this question comes from underlying worry: "is this even remotely in line with lore?". And no, it probably is not - but we are talking about RP here anyway, not writing a wiki article. 

These situations are your challenge as writer - knowing some lore helps, it's one of the more important tools you can use to craft your character's backstory, but it's not the only tool. But what I'd like to emphasize is that molding you character, and weaving him or her backstory so that events in it have logical explanation is first and foremost creative challenge. And logical doesn't necessarily equal "probable".


This is way too fun, so lemme throw you another bone.


You want you character to be strictly trained to represent Ala Mhigan school of griffin riding and raising? - You character needs Ala Mhigan teacher. Frame for story do not get much simpler AND funnier than that, because this ordeal is whole adventure itself.

You want your character to be independent trainer? - If it is possible to tame griffin, then it is simply possible to tame griffin and the practice likely is not exclusive to Ala Mhigans. Their available knowledge and experience gives them advantage, sure. 

But what other rare and likely hard to tame beasts have been raised as mount? Behemoth comes in mind, and nowhere in that mount's flavour text it is implied that the lady who pulled it off was any sort of behemoth expert (though she found her behemoth when it was young, that might have been helpful). Come to think of it, the guy who killed Ben's mother was Clan Centurio hunter, so Ben there himself is likely non-Ala Mhigan tamed and raised griffin (example of someone for real taking in orphan griffin, like that behemoth - who knows the guy will end up training Ben to be mount... in future... maybe.). Lightning might just strike twice, if you catch my drift. 

All I am trying to say is that unless you Reeeally want that connection to Ala Mhigan tradition, What makes anyone A griffin rider is that they ride griffins. Technically. 

Consider where you can find griffins from places of other than The Peaks? Sea of Clouds. Coerthas Western Highlands? What would your lady xaela be doing there? --- If it is still absolutely necessary to justify au ra's loitering outside Azim Steppe. Or Hingashi. Or Doma. Or under the sea. ...wow, that's shittonne of places already where those guys have spread. Can't think why Eorzea cannot be the next victim. And it is already. Idyllshire has Zansei, and that lady who works for Rowena (though these are Raen), and that guy in glorious golden pig mask working at Zhloe's (Xaela), and Sigurgu. All of them conveniently in places relatively near to those other-than-the-peaks griffin places. One quest had xaela merchant Dressed In Eorzean Style Clothing at Kugane, devil knows where he came from and picked his trade. Au ra are everywhere and there is nothing you can do about it.


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