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You’ve found the right place...

Welcome to the House of the Hidden Pearl!

This tavern—nestled along the shore of the Mists—serves as a reprieve from the ails of the realm. It’s frequented by all manner of adventurers, mercenaries, scholars, and even a few rare Grand Company members. Seated at the bar, they’re united by a search for fruitful work and unique opportunities. Camaraderie through arms, or at least a desire for a plump coinpurse.

Beneath the din and clamor of the tavern and inn, however, is a sturdier foundation. Though few in numbers, the Ardent Lotus Clan has mettle and spirit—the sort forged from a combined desire of its hunters to make this Star an onze safer. They do not operate in the open. Yet far too small to stand among the titans of the realm’s other clans and free companies, they nevertheless toil away where they’re able.

Come in, put up your weapon, and have a seat. Enjoy the fruits and libations of lands east and west. Stick around long enough, and you might just put down roots…

Visit our website for more information!

News & Events
* 10/30/13 - FC created! Yay!
* 7/13/14 - Medium House Obtained! (Mist, Ward 6, Plot 30)
* 10/30/17 - 4 years old and going strong! -confetti!-
* 8/2/17 - Converted to «Pearl»!
* 2/11/17 - Applications are open!


Who are these people? What is this place?

Who might you see in the tavern? Frequent visitors, fresh patrons, or veteran hunters...all in this place have come from different places.

Grand company members who tire of the rigour and formality of their rank occasionally seek drinks and...variable company.

Clan hunters who call this place home...or near-to home as they might have. Rangers of the realm who make their profit as trackers, monster slayers, and mercenaries for hire!

Merchants, and other folk whose lives revolve around the coin, come to this place in search of fresh deals and new connections.

Of late, an odd number of machinists and magitek scholars have passed through the doors. An uptick in business? Newly profitable ventures? Curious…

Historians and researchers from across the realm--those who have no wish to spend their coin beneath the thumbs of a grand company--often enjoy the freedom of a freelancer’s tavern.

Tradesmen, looking for fresh buyers to whom they might peddle their wares. Skilled entrepreneurs have struck many deals under this roof.

Patrons of no particular affiliation are found in plenty--those myriad souls who find themselves in the right place, at the right time (or the right place, at the worst time.) Motivation need not serve profession or greater purpose, after all, and the tavern’s doors are open to any that aren’t looking to make trouble…

OOC Information

While roleplay is our priority, we’re a tight-knit community that enjoys all aspects of FFXIV, from PvE to PvP! However, we’re more than the sum of our parts and shared enjoyments—we’re a diverse bunch that’s similarly invested in telling good stories, and being excellent to one another on a daily basis!

More specific details can be found on our website, which we encourage you to explore! There, you’ll find information about the specific weekly and monthly events that we hold, and also the types of characters that tend to populate the Ardent Lotus Clan. 

Our regular events include…

- Biweekly social nights at the House of the Hidden Pearl
- Weekly raid nights, led by our semi-static group
- Regular player-hosted leves, missions, and other RP adventures and activities

Most our players are located in the U.S., but we’re active across all hours of the day, and have hosted people from many different time-zones across the world!

Formerly AW-RP (Aetherial Warriors)

Not long ago, we operated under the banner of AW-RP (Aetherial Warriors). A broader explanation of this shift in structure, direction, and characters can be found on our website, but it suffices to say that it was a unanimous decision on part of our many members! The change was in no way influenced by any sort of frustration or fracturing; instead, it was carried out to give our members (and our officers) more freedom and a fresh start—an in-character template with more flexibility for roleplay!

The IC organization that was the Maelstrom Foreign Levy 81st Company remains a testament to our stability and care for one another. What began shortly after the launch of A Realm Reborn has carried us through to the game’s second expansion, providing us with bountiful stories and characters over the years.

The Ardent Lotus Clan, and the House of the Hidden Pearl, is a continuation of that commitment—a group of players willing to connect on an OOC level, and a group of characters that provide fantastic stories to invest in.

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