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The House Rules

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FC/DISCORD RULES/Conduct/absence policies https://pastebin.com/cq813H75


1) No Kinkshaming ( :P )
2) No Politcal talk in any channel other then Real_Talk
3) Potatoes must be kept in darkness at all times.
4) Posting vore, animal cruelty and extreme violence will not be tolerated.
5) What happens IC stays IC and what happens OOC stays OOC
6) Please respect your fellow FC and Discord members!
(More rules may be added depending on the future.)

 Code of Conduct

We are a non-discriminatory Free Company, which promises to provide a safe, comfortable environment for all players. Anyone who joins agrees to abide by the terms and conditions set forth by Square Enix, as well as to abide by our own Code of Conduct. Anybody who does not abide by these provided terms and conditions, and the code of conduct, will be removed from the Free Company.

All members of the Free Company are expected to behave in a manner that reflects well upon our Free Company, and the community as a whole. A zero tolerance policy is in effect regarding poor behavior and discrimination on the basis of gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, or disability. Members who do not hold to these ideals can and will be removed from the Free Company.

We try to uphold an environment which is conducive to a positive experience for each and every one of our members, and expect everyone to do the same. To carry the company name, or tag, is to represent the Free Company, and as such, no behavior which would or could be regarded as discriminatory, violent, or rude in nature will be held as an action against the entire Free Company. Any infractions upon our character, as a whole, will be regarded severely, including, but not limited to demotions within the Free Company, limitation of permissions, or removal from the Free Company.

If any members act in a manner unbecoming of Gravity Song, we urge you to immediately contact an officer. If no officers are present, then they can be reached from the Forums, via Mail. Any discrepancies will be handled by officers, if things get out of hand. This is according to the perception of the officer present during any such altercation, and as such, their judgment is to be regarded as the final word in such matters, with no exceptions.

We try to uphold a positive demeanor, and attitude, so as to ensure a positive experience for all of our members. Any disagreements between members of the Free Company should be taken to a private forum, such as party chat, or tells.

In order to ensure that the environment in the Free Company is maintained, and upheld, any conversations in regard to Religion, Sexual Orientation, Politics, and any topic which may make other members uncomfortable, should be taken to a private forum.

Absense Policies

30 days absent
if you need to be offline 30 days or longer, please post a notice in the Leave of Absence forum. It helps us to know that you intend to return eventually.

60 days absent
After 60 days, if you have not posted a notice of absence, and you have not purchased a room in the FC, you will automatically be dismissed for inactivity.

90 days absent
After 90 days, if you have not posted a notice of absence, whether or not you have a room, your character will be dismissed for inactivity. See the 180-day exception below.

180 days absent
We will grant a 180-day exception for anyone who posts notice for a leave of absence. However, 180 days is 6 months, so if you aren't back by then, we'll assume that you're not able or willing to return to the game for some reason, so your character will be dismissed for inactivity.

Returning after leave
We will gladly reinvite anyone who is dismissed for inactivity, anytime. People who purchased rooms are tracked as having rooms at the time of dismissal, so if you return after your room was demolished, and show a commitment to staying reasonably active, the FC will gladly purchase a new room for you.

What About My Alts?
Alts of active players are exempt from the inactivity policy. However, if leadership is not aware of which alts belong to which player, they may accidentally be dismissed. Please, either (1) keep an officer updated regarding your alt list and notify us of any name changes, or (2) stick a small note in your alt's search info box to identify your main, like "Popoto's alt." One or both are acceptable.

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