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Rules & Expectations


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1 • Respect
First and foremost, and above all else, maturity and respect are to be shown towards our own and others. While this includes our moderation and administration staff, it extends to all members and non-members as well. Gossip-mongering, spreading rumours, or speaking cruelly to others will not be tolerated. This includes those who may be newer to the game or to roleplay than we are.

2 • Age
While Thorn & Antler hold no expectations for in-character age, we hold a strict 18+ policy for the out-of-character age of Free Company Members, Discord Members, and Linkshell Members. Please keep this in mind if and when inviting others. Any found to be underage will be ejected and banned until their 18th birthday.

3 • LGBTQ-Friendly
While this largely falls under the first, it never hurts to repeat oneself: out-of-character, Thorn & Antler is an LGBTQ-friendly network. We do not claim to be a 'safe space', but attacks on anyone's gender identity, gender expression, sexuality, faith, race, ethnicity, et al. will not be tolerated under any circumstances, regardless of their involvement as an associate, FC member, or linkshell member.

4 • Consent
Thorn & Antler believes in free self-expression, but also in respect. What our members choose to roleplay is their own responsibility, as we believe in complete seperation of character and player - just because you write something doesn't mean you support it. In and of that, however, much of the content we will be dealing with may be uncomfortable for some others, and as such we ask that...

  1. if you are uncomfortable with something going on in a roleplay, that you speak up or excuse yourself
  2. within reason, if someone requests you take certain aspects of your posts to a more private channel like /party or /tell, you do so to the best of your ability and,
  3. no one is to be mocked or teased for anything they find uncomfortable or upsetting; we've all had different experiences, and no one owes explanation

5 • Content
Thorn & Antler is, by its very nature, rife with dark and mature content - themes in our storyline will deal with drug abuse, drug addiction, human trafficking, sex, violence, and more. Themes of homophobia may arise as well. Applicants to the Free Company are expected to be aware of this, and okay with this. While ultimately rule [4] is in effect, we will hold the general assumption that those who do not wish their characters to be involved in these activities, or those who are uncomfortable reading or writing such themes, will rethink application.


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