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?вιg тяσυвℓє ιи (иσт ѕσ ℓιттℓє) кυgαиє?

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Hiya lovely roleplayers, Usagi-hime here with yet another LF connections post.??

My little cross-dressing criminal Shiva Pasalo (shameless wiki plug is shameless) is in desperate need of some Kugane focused contacts. After getting kidnapped and nearly sold off to an Auri slave trader, the self-proclaimed Master of Disguise finds himself back in the heart of Hingashi's port city with not a gil to his name. Now injured and left with no means to contact close friends and loved ones, Shiva quickly finds shelter with a local resident and proceeds to do what he does best: don a brand new identity.

Until she's able to lose her pursuers, Sakura Yukimura is a young Doman currently in search of work and a few friendly faces.

If you're interested in plotting, I'm down for pretty much anything so don't be afraid to give me a poke here, IG if you see me online, or over on Discord (ittybittydorks#3612).

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