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Dwassyith Swanra

RP on Omega - The EU Community (DISCORD link inside!)

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Hey guys,

I've been meaning to open this topic to talk about Roleplay on Omega server since a while! It is for all the EU souls that are straying aimlessly in an ocean of information.
So, I landed on Omega in June 2017 which was pretty much, more or less, when the server Omega was born and countless roleplayers decided to flock to it to make it their own home. I've been seeing its evolution through the months, and for those who wonder if it's still active and living, my answer is yes! There is RP on Omega, it flourishes and it thrives.

What's going on on Omega?
There are several player initiatives to create roleplay, some of them are weekly (The "Tavern Roulette" initiative, happening on Monday, Wednesday and Friday plus the Drowning Wench Sundays), others are big one-time events that happen every now and then depending on the theme of the year, and of course there's plenty of people asking for RP to others on a daily basis.

Where do RPers keep in touch on Omega?
On our Community Discord we receive new people almost daily, but not only from Omega! Also from other EU-timed servers who are interested in meeting other EU roleplayers and that, one way or another, get persuaded to try a new character on Omega. 
Our community on Omega has been praised to be extremely friendly, helpful, warm and welcoming. Roleplayers tend to give a lot of attention to others, no matter if they are newbies or veterans of RP, it never makes a difference. People are extrovert, easy-going and lovely and in some part of Omega, there is always someone willing to RP and accomodate others' needs.
We also have two community Linkshells in game. The first one is often full, so we created a second one to make space for those on a "waiting queue" to get into the first one. 
Please check this link out to learn more about our Omega Discord and our in-game Linkshells.

Where is the RP on Omega?
The only "downside", if we want to call it so, is that Omega still doesn't have an open-world RP hub. It's been worked-on since months, and it's still a work-in-progress thing, but we are getting there. In the meantime, RPers often gather in player houses for random encounters and social RP. Often, RP is a matter of asking OOCly on the Community Discord server/Linkshell if anyone wants to RP, or finding a Free Company which organizes RP for its members.
Random RP on Omega happens on a daily basis, in several locations of Eorzea, depending on where RPers agree to meet.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are in the EU timezone and want to RP with other EU people, Omega is the place for you, and its people make it a unique and special place where to feel welcomed and integrated. Omega is worth giving a try, and it can surprise you in more ways than one!
For any questions, feel free to ask anything!

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Can verify and confirm! There's definitely RP on Omega. The community may be small, but we have new people coming in every day, every week and our Discord community is really active. It's a nice server, especially since it's in the EU region and the time zones are a bit more forgiving for us europeans. :)

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Omega RP universe continues to expand! If you're an RP'er in the EU timezone, come join us, you may like it better than NA!
The discord link is https://discord.gg/us7uNfN we're over 400-strong and that's only a percentage of the larger in-game community!


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We receive new people almost on a daily basis and the community is active and healthy! There are several social initiatives every week. ;)

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