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[18 February 2018] Planned Wiki updates

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In the coming weeks, I'll be beginning the task of updating our wiki installation to a more current version. during this process, the wiki may need to be taken offline while files are updated and extensions are tested. Unlike the RPC forums, we cannot easily roll back changes or keep an old wiki up along with a new wiki side by side.


A snapshot of the database will be taken after the site is brought offline to ensure that all changes are saved. I'll also be implementing a newer login bridge using a more secure method. Saving the wiki's database will ensure that if absolutely needed, we can roll back to all of the text content, however if something were to possibly go wrong during the upgrade steps, images may be a little more tricky. 


If the wiki is your only place for storing any art, screenshots, or other media, please make a backup of your files. While we don't foresee any issues, the RPC's current wiki software recently hit end of support status and many extensions will likely need to be updated in the process, like the ones that create tabs.


To make a backup of your wiki page content (does not include actual files) that can be re-imported in the event that anything goes wrong, you can go to https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/index.php?title=Special:Export and export your wiki, including edit history into an importable XML format. (Saving all the wikicode from the editor also works in most cases.)





I will update this post as more information comes out. Barring any immediate issues that would need to be taken care of sooner (login bridge that we use right now not working, severe security issue, something breaks, etc), this is planned for when the RPC is updated to IPS 4.3. due out around late February / early March timeframe.

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