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Aldentale Investigations will be holding a meeting open to the public in Mih Khetto's Amphitheater, with early RP starting at 8:30 PM EST.
Those interested introducing yourself,  socializing, presenting a case to our leads; or joining our ranks, all are welcome.



((Recruiting and looking for more contacts as well as members! For those interested in presenting cases in particular, please message me here or through discord for faster reply, as I am often between several characters on Balmung.We are open minded towards cross-server roleplay, but prefer at least moderate pre-planning with how that system works!))



===The breakdown===

SERVER: Balmung




WHERE: Old Gridania, Mih Khetto's Amphitheater


WHAT!?: Social RP intended to introduce characters both new and established to each other: make new connections in RP through the community first and foremost.

We are a small group, but hope to grow both as an FC and with this event and, hope to facilitate more connectivity in the community.




We hope to see you there!

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