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balmung [Balmung] Looking for male miqo'tes for bartending/host jobs!

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The Captain's Cabin is looking for more employees to fill out our tavern. We've just moved into a beautiful plot in the Lavender Beds, and we could use some more people to help us tend to our guests!


About The Captain's Cabin:


The Captain's Cabin is a comfortable, casual bar for gentlemen. We are a player-run heavy RP bar where players can bring their characters for an evening of RP in an immersive setting. The goal is to provide a bar with a focus on an LGBT+ setting with undertones of cloak and dagger themes, where those who do play characters who are LGBT can find others of a like mind. Since our opening, we've gotten a lot of kind words from our guests, and our regulars are wonderful to be around.


The Captain's Cabin is NOT a Free Company. Our employees still maintain their connections to their own Free Companies. We have a linkshell for chatter and to keep in touch, but the commitment is only time.



What we are looking for:

  • Must be a miqo’te male.
  • Must be comfortable with mature themes, M/D RP.
  • Must be comfortable with openly LGBT+ themes.
  • Must be able to dedicate one night every two weeks to spend a few hours serving.
  • Very much prefer RPers with a strong command of grammar.


We are currently opening the bar bi-weekly, Fridays at 8:30-11:30 PM EST.


If you are interested, please contact me in-game (Ahzra'li Lhomi) or on discord ( Atanamir#8894 ). I don't check my messages here as often as I should, so in-game or discord is the best way to catch me. Please check out our site for more info, and thanks for taking a look! Hope to hear from you soon!


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I've been at the location last friday and today, because I wanted to check it out, but nothing was going on. Do you guys still run the bar bi-weekly?

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Yes, we do. I apologize, we've been on a brief hiatus due to a plot with our FCs. We'll be running on a regular schedule again soon! 

During our hiatus, we're still looking for a few more staff members. Feel free to contact me on discord ( Atanamir#8894 ) with any questions.

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