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The Red Hibiscus is one of our rackets to gather money for the The Black Hand, our main organization.

With this initiative, we aim to provide an 'underworld bar' atmosphere, with softer lights and discrete lascivious tones, some variety from the most commonly cheerful sunlit locales. There will be dancers and performers personified by our FC members, but we do not promote or sell any ERP. This is not our goal, and not our interest, so please do not expect that from us. ;)
We usually hop on our alts in order to provide steady presences to the establishment, as we know that NPCs don't do a job "good enough" to breathe a soul into a place. The 'soul' itself is given by people, with a great and unforgettable service.

We want The Red Hibiscus to become a point of reference as an underground bar for all RPers on Omega, and we hope that you will enjoy the warm, crimson-hued atmosphere that we will provide.

From the 28th of February 2018 onward, the Red Hibiscus will be fully operative and open for whoever wishes to come by, so you are more than welcome to seek RP in our establishment.

(Mist Ward 14, Plot 1, Underground Floor.)

Here is a link to our UPCOMING EVENT!

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