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From Dusk Till Dawn -- Rules and Policies

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From Dusk Till Dawn is an Out of Character linkshell specified for Au Ra based characters only. This is to be a networking tool for both the Xaela and Raen roleplayers of the Balmung server in order to stay in connection with one another and gain beneficial event planning and social interaction. Making friends is fun!


  • Your character will obviously need to be Au Ra; Xaela or Raen. We also accept halfbreeds, but please be aware in the lore that the chances of these offspring are very slim.
  • Any tribe of the Xaela is welcome; sub-tribes are also fine.
  • Villain characters are most definitely welcome, along with any other category of trope you may have so long as it makes sense.
  • Announcing roleplay events you or your friends are hosting to join up is totally A-OK.
  • You must be tolerant of all sexualities, gender-identities, and the like of the players in this LS. Be nice, and you will be made in return to receive such.
  • There will be NO DRAMA or meshing of IC and OOC. End of story.
  • Fetish characters; such as FUTA, Traps, Shemales, etc . . . and people who create their character to be transgender for the sole basis of ERP need not apply.
  • You need to be 18+ OOC, and your character MUST not be underage. If for any reason the moderators find falsified information, you will be banned from the LS.
  • If you willingly affiliate with anyone who involves themselves in underage material, written or drawn, you will be banned or barred from the LS. (This really shouldn't have to be said, but come on. )
  • You'll have to abide by the game lore. No special snow-flakes, no Au Ra turning into dragons on the fly, etc. Be reasonable with your characters and the rest of the community will be too.
  • This is not your vent-channel for personal problems nor is it a place to seek attention. Don't spam either.
  • This is not your IC booty call channel either. Have some respect and take it to private.
  • While it will not be the center of conversation, it is possible there will be lewd jokes cracked and there will be adult/mature/dark themes discussed. If you are squeamish, this LS may not be for you.
  • If in the discord, all of these rules still apply.
  • If you have read the rules, and you're still interested - message a moderator with: moonfire. (so we know you read the rules!)
  • We reserve the right to deny your alt entry if you do not meet any of these requirements, or if you are OOCly a conflict of interest.

This Linkshell is made to be laid-back. Please just respect everyone here, and should you run into any problems, let the moderators know in-game or mail them. Please contact us for invites to this LS. ( Yes, the LS name is totally lore-related and totally /not/ nabbed from 1996. ) The moderators are Eastern Central/American based, for reference.

Current Moderators
Keloch Buduga
Rhiodyr Dotharl

Zhivaan Hotgo
Suuka Haishin


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