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Kenka no Yakkyoku Brawlpub (Fight Night) [Bi-weekly; March 4th, 6pm PST/8pm EST]


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玄花の薬局                                        Kenka no Yakkyoku

Eorzea is not wanting for combat arenas - the Wolves’ Den off the shores of Vylbrand, the Coliseum in the heart of Ul'dah; these are perhaps the most famous…

…yet for those interested in the pursuit of more unregulated combat, a tight packed room of bodies thirsting for blood to spill and bones to crack, beyond the gaze of the law, there is an underground club in the depths of the Black Shroud, housed beneath an old apothecary.


What: Brawling; Gambling; Socializing
When: Sunday, March 4th; 6pm PST / 9pm EST
Where: Thorn & Antler - Basement [ Lavender Beds W13 P11; Mateus ]
Prize: 50,000g per match


>>More info here<<

Have questions? Contact Shirojishi Gyokuro [ Gyokuro#6037 ], Furuya Rin [ Nikupan#7380 ], or Ranmaru Tsukikage [ A pen#5413 ]

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