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Characters IC with the Company

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A lot of people within the FC possess lots of alts, but not all of them are associated with company. Listing your character and their 'role' in the FC can be helpful in making contacts and knowing who to poke.




Sarij Rahzersyn - Company Director


Ravn Vandsten - House Staff


Grave Shadow - Contractor


Quur Rustrock - Adventurer/Merc


Vulgar Beast - Conjurer Healer Part Time


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Berrod Armstrong - Company Co-Director


Caden Agron - Adventurer/Merc


Mountain's Shadow - Consultant/Non-member


Brooker Bandersnatch - Conjurer Healer/Adventurer

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Tiergan Vashir - Adventurer/Mercenary


Lurial Vashir - Adventurer/Mercenary || Information Broker


Furious Storm - House Staff. House 'guard' in a sense that he will fiercely protect the home if it comes under attack while he is present.


Leilani Leilai - House Staff. Self-proclaimed Records Keeper of all Epic and Badass Agency Actions. Self-proclaimed Junior PR Agent

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Viktor Harlenk (Horne): Security Team/Adventurer

Logan Whytewood: Kitchen Staff/Runs tavern down the street

Kenjiro Takata: Student of Mountain's Shadow


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Crooked Tarot: Adventurer / Runs a Shop that deals in Acquisitions

Clayton Abercrombie: Retired Temple Knight / Adventurer

Sebastian Sundai: Adventurer

Nocturne Philomel: Security Team (Intelligence) / Geisha

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