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Nestled within the Lavender Beds of the Twelveswood with a cliffside at its back and a flowing stream at its entrance is a large mansion in the fifth ward Lavender Northeast subdivision. Once housing a rowdy free company of adventurers, it now serves as the site of the Shroudrose Teahouse and Tavern, a teahouse and upscale bar serving everything from specialty tea blends, to a wide array of spirits, to light meals and snacks.




Main Floor


Just inside the entrance you will find the armoire, where you will be expected to deposit any and all weapons. The main floor features the teahouse of name, where you can enjoy a fresh, piping hot cup of tea with whatever fixings you desire. Ordinary teas of all varieties are available, along with Shroudrose’s specialty loose-leaf blends which can be purchased to enjoy at home, as well as sweets and snacks to go with your tea. You may order whatever you please at the counter to the right of the grand staircase.






Upstairs on the left wing is a tiny, somewhat private room if you like a more quiet and intimate space, as well as two Othardian themed tearooms for those who prefer an eastern flare. On the right wing is a small library with a modest collection of books on all manner of appropriate subjects. Feel free to enjoy a cup of tea as you study or work, or curl up in the book nook loft to lounge in peace and comfort as you enjoy a good read.






Downstairs in the basement is the tavern, where happy hour events boasting of half price drinks are often held. The bartenders and waiters are happy to serve some alcohol or a bite to eat. At the back of the tavern is a large stage where performers sometimes put on a show, or you can keep yourself entertained with some tunes from the orchestrion or a match of Triple Triad. Though less seedy than the average alehouse, the tavern offers drinks for even those with strong tastes and small budgets.




Personal Rooms


At the back of the main tearoom between the two sets of stairs is a door leading to a hallway of Shroudrose’s personal rooms as well as our airship workshop. Some of these rooms are offices, some our employees’ private quarters, and some are open facilities. Please read over the notes upon each door, follow any instructions given, and be respectful of our employees’ spaces.




If you are interested in performing on stage, if you would like to rent any of our space for a public or private event, or if you are interested in making any sort of business arrangement involving our products, please contact Shroudrose proprietress, Lady Faye Covington.

  • You may be cut off from being served alcoholic beverages if you are overly intoxicated.
  • No weapons past the entryway. Deposit them in the armoire.
  • You may be held accountable for any property damage.
  • No illegal or inappropriate activity.
  • Any guest who is being disruptive in any way may be escorted off the property, forcefully if necessary, and potentially banned either temporarily or permanently.

((OOC Notes))

  • If there are no player characters around to serve you, feel free to assume an NPC is staffing the teahouse or tavern.
  • If you stop by the teahouse outside of our event times, you can contact us and we will have a player character attend you if possible.
  • You are welcome to use the teahouse as an RP location at anytime, please just ensure your RP is appropriate to a setting that is public both IC and OOC.
  • Please be respectful of our staff and your fellow patrons!

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