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Rosso Porta-vita

RP Networking on Ultros

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Over the past two weeks or so I've been trying to gauge RP activity on Ultros. It seems pretty minimal, but I'd like to change that by networking and connecting the sparse RP that I have found in the realm. 

So far I've found three RPers, but I'd like to organize as many as we can to try to foster RP here. I'm not looking to start a Free Company, but we might do a linkshell eventually. Optimally, everyone would be connected with each other so they could set up sessions whenever with whoever is interested. If anyone here has a character on Ultros, we'd be very excited to have you!




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Hey there, as someone who helped fire up Mateus, I do wish you best of luck in your en-devour.  My best suggestion for you, is just stick to your guns and don't back down. Its a slow, grilling process and it can, and will, take a ton out of you unless you have one heck of an amazing team behind you, and even then, it can get taxing. Just advertise where you can, make a Discord to help with ooc communications, and always keep your best foot forward.

It may not grow in 2-3 months, it may take 7-8 months before things start to take place, but long as you keep at it, don't surrender, then do eventually end up working out.

As I said, I wish you best of luck and hope the health of Ultros as RP goes continues to grow.

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So, great news! 

As it turns out, there's already a fairly large contingent(one free company and linkshell) of RPers here on Ultros! Despite this, I'll continue trying to growing the network, being that the group has a rather short reach when it comes to bringing in new players. Thank you so much for the advice @Koti Nexus !  If you have any other specific tips on networking and helping new players, I'd be extremely eager to listen. I'll be trying to get a feel for how this group meshes and functions to help them and apply it later for my groups.


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