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[28 Feburary 2018] Guideline: New Forum Functions

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With the recent upgrade of Forum Software, we now have additional posting features. In order to eliminate confusion surrounding the use of these, this topic will be used to elaborate on any additional rules for certain features.

Feature: Hide Post

The Hide Post feature effectively replaces a delete post function.  Whilst it is hidden, only the site staff can see the topic.

Examples of use of the Hide feature that are permitted:
- Accidentally double posting
- Realizing that you've made some formatting errors, prompting you to re-post your post without the errors and then hiding the one with the errors.

Examples of use of the Hide feature that are not permitted: 
- As a means to "Delete" the topic or post. On the RPC we do not permit topics to be deleted unless they violate the site rules. If you would like a topic to be deleted, locked or removed, you need to PM a moderator stating your request and the reasoning for it.
- As a means to troll others, and other such abuse.


The moderators can at any time elect to un-hide a post or topic, should they feel that the action is in violation with site rules/ethics. An automated message will be sent to you if such happens. Should there be an explosion in abuse of the hide post feature, we may disable it all-together. 





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Feature: Preview Post


At this time, there is no specialized preview post page. The editor is fully visual by default, with a code editor for more advanced formatting and features. Users can still post in HTML and BBCode in the editor, however switching between source code and visual will render any HTML code, whether properly written or not. If HTML isn't recognized, you may need to switch to the source view and adjust any brackets "<" ">" that were converted to HTML symbol replacements like "&lt;".  Common symbols can be found on https://text-symbols.com/html/ for reference.


Feature: Saved Draft


By default, the editor will try to save a post you've been working on and haven't posted. You don't need to do anything special to manually save it in your browser, and returning to that page will restore your post in the editor as it was. Saved drafts of this style are per-computer, per-browser, as it's based on HTML Local Storage. Please see the text below for a server-side saving method.




It's come to our attention that users are unable to show their hidden posts. In order to maintain a space where users can save drafts, please stage any not-yet-ready posts/threads into the Requests and Feedback forum instead.


To help distinguish between topics that require staff assistance, please add a staging prefix onto the thread, like the sample below.




Once the post is ready to be merged into an existing thread, or moved to a public forum, please report the post or contact an active staff member who will then get it moved for you!

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Feature: Quoting posts


To quote only a selection of text a user has typed, you can highlight that and a "quote this" button will appear by your cursor. This works on both desktop and mobile editors.




To break up a larger post into smaller chunks to reply, you can click into the quoted post and generate blocks by adding return/enter lines. This also works on desktop and mobile, which a lot easier than having to mess around with the complex CSS-based IPS templates in the source editor!



Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent scelerisque vitae magna commodo euismod. Duis auctor lobortis nunc, id fermentum diam. Aliquam non orci id ligula maximus faucibus. Curabitur commodo venenatis augue a finibus. Ut sit amet porta felis, nec tempus turpis. Nam varius quam at condimentum euismod. Aliquam erat volutpat. Aliquam rutrum placerat arcu at scelerisque. Fusce diam turpis, faucibus eu pellentesque sed, porta et lectus. Donec et egestas est. Proin malesuada rhoncus risus ut auctor. Nunc efficitur ipsum tellus, vitae aliquam erat feugiat quis.

[press the enter key here twice to split the blocks]

Maecenas a odio ac magna mollis pellentesque in quis elit. Aenean non consequat ligula. Duis sodales, orci sed posuere vestibulum, felis ligula aliquet tortor, ac eleifend tellus quam sit amet enim. Ut fermentum nisi at arcu mollis, in iaculis ligula blandit. Pellentesque aliquam bibendum velit tincidunt pellentesque. Praesent dolor leo, commodo eget condimentum quis, maximus eu ex. Nulla dignissim, nibh eget gravida ultricies, mauris ante volutpat velit, sit amet hendrerit sapien lacus vitae tortor. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Donec sagittis est eleifend auctor elementum. Donec felis sapien, volutpat in rutrum quis, viverra ac massa. Vestibulum eleifend dui a purus ullamcorper aliquam. Aliquam eleifend pulvinar dapibus. Vestibulum vel ipsum pulvinar velit lacinia convallis. Pellentesque eleifend varius turpis sed tempor. Donec ultricies rutrum enim ut posuere. Etiam et ex at libero euismod posuere eget id sem.


Nunc vel ultrices dolor. Phasellus non libero facilisis, pretium leo ut, euismod dui. Suspendisse non velit sed mauris iaculis sodales. Maecenas aliquet dui non eros condimentum, non semper odio porta. Fusce ut lacus convallis, sodales enim eget, ultricies metus. Praesent tortor justo, posuere vel interdum ut, dapibus quis quam. Cras non sapien mi. Nulla gravida risus neque, vel viverra ex vulputate consectetur.



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