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The Cloak & Dagger Seeks Volunteer Staff, Security, and N'er-do-Wells

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The Cloak & Dagger is a restaurant that has, in a manner of speaking, come under new management. A man known only as ‘Crow’ claims to have swindled the property away from its previous owner in a card game (or something similarly outlandish) and has opened its doors.


Located on the outskirts of The Goblet, The Cloak & Dagger is located far enough out of the way that it attracts few prying eyes and fewer errant passersby, rendering its location prime for a sanctuary of the sort, particularly under the cover of darkness. With few questions asked and even fewer questions answered, the Cloak & Dagger caters to those who want to keep their shadier dealings off the record.

The Cloak & Dagger is a RP venue located at The Goblet Ward 11 Plot 55 (Balmung). Although intended to be used as a sanctuary for people to conduct their dealings in-person (as is usually necessary with the transfer of goods or the providing of payment for services), such operations necessarily require a front… And, well, there’s no problem in making some coin off of a front. 

What Are We Looking For?

From an IC standpoint, The Cloak & Dagger is hiring hosts/greeters, waitstaff, bartenders, and security personnel. From an OOC standpoint, we’re looking for people who would be interested and willing in helping to run a MONTHLY (ish) public event geared toward criminal-type characters and other shady sorts.


This doesn’t exclude characters of more neutral/lawful persuasions from offering or accepting work, though, since flyers regarding this ‘job listing’ would likely be posted all around Ul’dah.


While not specifically a staff position, The Cloak & Dagger also welcomes performers to its stage.


Criminal sorts are also obviously more than welcome at the venue; while these sorts wouldn’t be paid by the establishment owner IC, these “honored guests” would be welcome and allowed special use of the upstairs lounge in the making and negotiation of business deals and be given some food and drinks on the house as a show of good faith.

Q & A

“Do I have to join Ebonguard?” Nope! The allure of Ebonguard is and always has been the idea that you don’t have to leave any groups that you’re currently a member of in order to join (since Ebonguard is strictly a linkshell). Running with that theme, you don’t have to be a member of the Ebonguard linkshell in order to work with The Cloak & Dagger. In fact, because it is not a requirement, if your character is not the sort join a network like Ebonguard, we ask that you not formally apply to join the LS.


All Cloak & Dagger volunteers are required to at least join our Discord server though, because that’s how the event itself is organized! (Also because we like to meme in downtime sometimes.)


“Are there any requirements as to the kind of character you want for The Cloak & Dagger?” The short answer is not really but the long answer is kind of. There are no real requirements as far as race, character concept, or moral alignment. We do, however, prefer shadier sorts who can offer darker dealings to interested patrons.


All that we ask is that your character is lore-compliant, and preferably isn’t too involved with the Void. (It’s not a deal-breaker but we’d probably need to talk about it because of how sticky those sorts of things tend to get.)


“What’s in it for me?” OOC: Potential connections, RP plot hooks, something a little different to do for one night out of the month, and my eternal love and adoration. IC: Potential friends, potential clients, juicy information to spread, some spare coin and good drinks on the house.

Who Do I Contact?

Interested parties should send an esk to the @ebonguardls tumblr directly, my character blog @krahenlied on Tumblr or PM me on the RPC forums! All Cloak & Dagger volunteers will be added to the Ebonguard Discord in order to make it easy to keep in contact and keep each other posted about going-ons, ideas for the venue's open nights, and event dates.

More information on The Cloak & Dagger (including house rules, the menu, and IC and OOC venue information) can be found on the venue’s page.

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Many thanks to everyone who’s spread the word about The Cloak & Dagger!


We’re always accepting volunteers, but we’ve managed to get a good number of interested people together for our opening on March 11, including some security personnel and entertainers!


The venue is staffed entirely by volunteers from within and without the LS itself, so we literally couldn’t do it without you! We're always open to having more staff on hand just in case someone can't make it. This includes not only waitstaff, barkeeps, security, and what-have-you who are responsible for making sure the event goes smoothly, but criminal elements who want to use The Cloak & Dagger as a means to do business be it in the way of peddling illicit services or wares or selling rumors or secrets. We're looking into implementing a menu option as a sort of "signal" for patrons to signal both to other patrons and the staff that they are #All Down for criminal RP, so please look forward to it! (We're probably going to test it out this coming Sunday!) 


We hope to see everyone come on down on March 11 for a night of good drinks, good food, and good business! For more information on the event itself, it's probably better to check out the actual event's RPC thread, here: 




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Our next opening is going to be on Sunday, April 8 and we're looking at being a little short on staff, so if anyone is interested in volunteering, now is a great time to do so! We're looking at doing some more cool things with the venue as time goes on, and it would be great if we had more staff (or even people who want to volunteer their characters to either offer or snoop around with regards to criminal elements -- be they information brokers or bounty hunters y'know!) around to help with that!


For example, over the summer it would also be cool if we could get some more hands for themed openings for seasonal events in addition to our monthly openings. For example, it would be interesting to do an event for the Moonfire Faire and The Rising in their respective months; insofar as scheduling goes, however, I don't want to stretch our team too thin and so would want to build up a second stash of staff! (These themed openings would probably not be on Sunday, but on either a Friday or a Saturday instead either during or immediately after the seasonal event in question... So that I can nab any event furnishings and decorate!)


Check out the event's thread for more information about the venue itself!



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With our next opening being this coming Sunday (July 22), I figured I should give this a little bump! The Cloak & Dagger as a venue thrives on volunteers to help out, so if you're interested in helping out, then by all means give me a shout!

After our July opening, our next opening will be August 5! We're still in the process of deciding when our openings or the rest of the year will be, but we do our best to schedule around our volunteers! ❤️

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Our opening this past Sunday went swimmingly despite being very short-handed on staff with a large turn-out of people, so I've remade the volunteer fishing post on Tumblr and am bumping this thread! Hello! I also updated the first post so that the graphics match, even if the content is more or less still the same!


The Cloak & Dagger is a lot of fun to run, but if we had more people we could make it even better (since with more staff, we would have more of an opportunity to let the staff do the crime RP that some people come for). There's a really cool set of volunteers rounded up so far, and just this past opening we've seen someone get shot (by security) and then a fist fight about it in the bushes (involving security). I hear there was pistol-whipping involved? At least they followed the "take it outside" rule!


It was amazing, and the staff are getting some pretty cool post-RP out of it. We are also very lucky to have had a medic in attendance. Maybe we should look at having one on staff?


Because we were so shorthanded this past opening, though, we are planning on pushing our next opening back a week so that we can potentially get more people in on the action. So what does that mean? It means this could be you! 👏

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