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Ryuusei Tea Room & Mogsglaive Collaboration Event - Cherry Blossom Festival

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The Cherry Blossom Festival, presented by Sawa Sanctuary’s Ryuusei Tea Room ( @ryuuseitearoom ) & The Mogsglaive ( @mogsglaive )!

Server: Balmung Server
Date: 11th March 2018, Sunday (USA)
Time: 7pm Eastern (USA)
Event Rating: G/PG, please. Keep things clean openly, anything that goes beyond PG must not be seen by our pure, untainted eyes!
Location: Yainu-Par, Lavender Beds Ward 6 Subdivision (Amethyst Shallows Sub Aethernet)
Tumblr: Ryuusei Tea Room // Mogsglaive

Website: Cherry Blossom Festival Website

What, why, how!
With Little Ladies Day celebrated through the land, the Princess of Sawa wishes to bring her own joy to the people of Eorzea, celebrating the blossoming of the Cherry Blossoms and the bonds of friendship and love between all! With the help of the leader of the Mogsglaive and the mighty Mogventurers and Sawan Entourage, an adventure in bringing joy to all begins!

special event menu will be set by Ryuusei, so come on by to get some delicious snacks, make new friends, and more!


– Sakura Warriors:  Pair up with a friend or be randomized! A 2 vs 2 match, using the blessed weapons of the Sakura Warriors! Will your alliance bring you victory, or will your bonds be shaken?! Find out, in this show of bonding and skill, with a victory against the Fiend! Sign-ups and details will be available on the day of the event, with a gil prize and more to the victorious pair that comes out on top! 

– Blossoming Bowls: The Blessed Blossom Bowls will serve you a delightful meal, chosen especially by your companion. Will you be able to finish it all, in a show of your bond, or will you falter? Find out if your stomach has the power to maintain the bond of your hearts! Koban (Mog Station) prizes to the victors!

– Photo Stall: Want to take back a memory of your time at the event? Come join us at the Photo Stall, where we’ll record a memory of your time to take with you! Machina provided by the talented Star-Flower of the Dratahr! (And will be posted to our tumblrs!)

 Fortuitous Fortunes!: Come have your fortunes told by a skilled seer from the East! Don’t be surprised if they know a little too much! 

– The Royal Raffle: The Royal Artist of Sawa is ready to paint you! For 20,000 Gil per ticket ( x 10 tickets per person ), you could be the lucky winner of a portrait of YOUR character! Will you be the lucky face to be honored by a royal painter? Try your luck! (Proceeds will go into funding future events, art will be provided by @foxlike-art !)

– More rewards, prizes and details will be revealed on the website, and tumblr. Bring a date, a friend, or the family, and come greet the blossoming of the cherry blossoms with a smile! 

Under the Cherry Blossoms Festival.png

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Tentative Event Timing List:


7pm EST: Event Starts
8pm EST: Blessed Bowls Contest - Eating tournament! (Prizes: Cherry Tree Set + Mat / Mog Station Prizes )

9pm EST: Sakura Warriors Tournament (Prizes: 1 mill gil (500k + 500k to the winning pair) and IC Sakura Warriors Weapon )

10pm EST: Royal Raffle, prize is a headshot portrait. Tickets cost 20k gil, 10 tickets per person.

We'll toss in some fun giveaways too, so be there and enjoy!


Almost time to start, looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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