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So, I'm establishing a young(er) Garlean character, and have run into something of a snag as far as naming goes. 


Garlean first and last names tend to take on something leaning more towards Latin, easy enough. But then there is the middle name which denotes what your role is in the empire. But how does that work for children?


Obviously, with those like Zenos, their ranking has nothing to do with their job and as such they can be assigned a title easily. But for a child in the lower class with say, two public officials for parents. The child obviously isn't of that rank, they aren't old enough so rightfully they shouldn't have the title like 'Eir' or 'Dus'. Do they take the title of the lower ranking parent and then the child is expected to grow and assume that position and if they exceed, they just trade up titles? Is there a specific designation for children born to Garlemald but aren't born into a position like the royal family? Even the non military roles, we only have two designations and that's for crafters and merchants/gatherers. 



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If they're native-born Garleans, probably "ban" or maybe "cen" if they're part of a repsected artisan trade. If they're not native, then they'd have "aan" for sure.



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(Quick note, according to Fernehalwes "ban" was a typo in the Gubal library and has since been fixed, the correct term for Imperial citizens matches the lorebook and is "bas.")


Imperial citizens will most likely have the title "Bas" until they enter a field of a higher ranking. "Bas" seems to cover all Imperial citizens, but is also used to denote workers of the economic sector.


Civis Mercatus: Merchants and other citizens of the tertiary economic sector - services
Civis Fundaminae: Farmers, fishers, hunters, miners, logcutters, and otehr citizens of the primary economic sector - raw materials


Two examples of Imperial children from the Rabanastre raid are: Alma bas Lexentale and Ramza bas Lexentale. They also do not appear to inherit their father's title: Principal Jenomis cen Lexentale.



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