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Koro Dotharl

balmung Koro Dotharl (Female Au Ra Dark Knight) - Trying to branch out

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After a few years closed off in my own communities, I am doing a leap of faith in an attempt to meet new people. My character's name is Koro Dotharl, she trained as a Dark Knight throughout an RP plot with a mentor actually roleplayed by a player. This could represent a possible hook as she is sure to share many common traits that many Dark Knights have. Being a distaste for injustice and the unique possibility to discuss the dark arts.


She is also available for tribal hooks. Either from the same tribe or from rival ones that were wronged by the Dotharli. She is nostalgic of home although she will not admit it, so RP in the steppes is a personal favorite.


Koro also never lost her mercenary habits and will help your character for coin if you need a bodyguard or someone martially inclined to take care of difficult situations. Although she will never hurt innocent people, she can sometimes still be involved with the more shady sorts so long as they don't collide with her interests and personal beliefs.


Koro's backstory is only accessible through IC means but personality wise, she is grumpy, serious and stoic with a soft side only accessible to those that put some effort into knowing her.


My character is extrovert and social so you do not need to have that much in common with her at all. I am especially interested in people that are different and that can teach new perspectives to Koro. If your character leans more on the schoalry type, she can narrate all sort of facts and stories about the steppes and Xaela culture. She can also offer some insight into the dark arts.


You can find my player directory here.


What am I looking for


  • Mostly allies and friends. Although rivals and enemies are welcome it would be on the shorter term as Koro just straight up do not seek people she hates. Unless they need to die.
  • People that play often. More than a few times a week.
  • Lore-savvy roleplayers that can apply more than a little effort to be a part of the established setting. I do welcome creative liberties and a little bend here and there but not if it goes to extreme lengths or if the concept stretches loopholes to the point of breaking.
  • Romance can happen but only as a natural result of ongoing events. As I am stubbornly against pre-arranged romances, this cannot be the only reason you contact me.
  • A back-and-forth in the amount of RP and content provided. I will do my absolute best to entertain you with as many topics and actions as possible and I expect my partners to do the same. 
  • OOC communication. This is important to make sure the RP remains fun to both of us in case something needs to be clarified.
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Io, for old time sakes, don't hesitate to hit me up again :>

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She sounds great! I play Rona Wolfsblood, who is also an IC Dark Knight. She's pretty grumpy and indifferent herself, and is on a personal quest of her own right now, tracking down a black mage. I won't say anymore on that and would prefer things be found out IC, but feel free to message me if you'd like to set something up! 

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