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Ageism and Age Demographics in XIV

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Hello, my doves!

Last time I asked for your insights, it was in regard to life on Balmung, and your contributions helped shape the resulting article which went into The Moogle Post last month! 

I’m starting the process of collecting information again for my next article regarding age groups in the community since this has come up as a hot topic of conversation again just recently. 

There are TWO separate surveys, one for roleplayers, and one for non-roleplayers.  You do not need to fill out both, as the age selection portion is the same on each.  The subject of each, however, varies a little bit as one relates specifically to RP, and the other is very general in terms of participation in MMOs.

1. These surveys are not exclusive to Balmung.  All players on all servers are welcome to participate.

2. I am not collecting character or player names, and I am not collecting email addresses.  Your anonymity is protected.

3. The purpose of this survey is to get a measure of age demographics among the playerbase.  You will not be asked to provide your exact age, as there are increments provided.

4. You will have an opportunity to fill in an answer in question 3 depending on your answer to question 2.  Question 3 is OPTIONAL.

The final article is expected to appear in the May issue of The Moogle Post.  Please find the links below which best suit you as a player.


Take the survey for roleplayers in XIV

Take the survey for non-roleplayers in XIV

Thank you again!

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I took the survey. It's an interesting question and I'm curious to see the results.

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It might be construed as ageist in and of itself since the top 'bracket' is simply 51+ with no further distinction! :)


It could also be argued that the 'best' role players are the ones with real-life experiences/expertise/knowledge to draw upon. As an example, I've worked as a blacksmith's apprentice, taught Japanese sword fighting, made my own traditional archery gear, fought 'heavy' in the SCA, raised kids and been married more than once. One could, therefore, make the entirely opposite argument and say that many under-30's lack sufficient real life experience to truly role-play.

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In order for me to reply I need a resume posted in public and at least ten references who can vouch for you. I also need to know exactly what you hope to achieve, where you were born, whether you believe in God, and how you feel about global warming.


I won't get scammed again!

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The brackets seem super arbitrary. I'd also +1 the fact that having 51+ as the category is crazy, especially when you're dividing most of the other brackets into groups of 5. Where's all the conversation happening that people should retire from RP after 30?

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This is news to me and you are never too old to rp. There are people in their 40s+ who play DnD and that's just as big of a commitment as anything and is advanced rping if you want my opinion. (34 btw)

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