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What is the Moon & Stars Tavern?

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The Moon & Stars Tavern

We are a small Free Company that has opened up our estate for all to use in RP! We are located in Ward 8, Plot 45 of the Lavender Beds.


What we plan to do:

  • Offer an open environment for Roleplaying
  • Host open events for all to attend
  • Establish a friendly community among our patrons and employees
  • Create a strong, positive social environment within the FC itself for all


While we will not be requiring membership for use of our estate or the private rooms our members create for environment we are looking to recruit people into our ranks!


IC Employment

You do not need to be in the FC to be employed by the Tavern ICly. Simply get into contact with one of our officers and tell us what times you're interested in being active in the Tavern. We will be making a Google Document and a post here later with the times our bartenders and waitresses will be present.


Yura Buhen/Syrah Nelhah will be in charge of out of company employees. 



  1. Be courteous to one another.
  2. Do not harass other patrons or employees OOCly
  3. Do not bring outside OOC conflicts into the tavern
  4. No metagaming/godmodding at our events
  5. Be understanding to event leaders. If they're posting slow they may be handling something else on the side


Thank you for giving us a look here and we hope to see you in-game!

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