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Reworking my Yard

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So my house inside wise more or less resembles a library and research area but my yard...is a cluster of various items I've like.

However, I've been thinking of changing the yard to reflect more of what the inside is but not fully sure how to go about it. It's the smallest medium yard (which means almost no sideyard) and atm the main thing I can think of is one of the 3 fountains with the Cold Knights (unlit) to serve as benches.

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I think that sounds nice! You could put in some trees and stone pathways too that stem out from your door and to the benches. It sort of would give the feel of people reading their books outside by the fountains or underneath the nice shade of a tree.  You could also do a pond or perhaps a cluster of flowers to add to the serene feel. ^^

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Libraries are usually pretty varied externally.   I'd almost suggest take your choice of fountain as a centerpiece and put some benches around it.   The Cold Knight's area is rather large and eats a ton of space, so I'd avoid that unless you push it over on the side.    Alternatively you might find a tree that covers a lot of the firepit to give an illusion of benches around said tree?

Other than that one of the things I've noticed about most library / faculty areas is there is often symmetry to the courtyard / front garden area.  Focusing on that may help bring reference to the ordered nature of a science facility or library?


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