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Mi'qote Thief Looking For Friends and Contacts!

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Hello, hello!




I am looking to make friends and gather contacts for Cori, my Keeper of the Moon Mi'qote thief. She is rather young, in her late teens and creeping in to the early years of adulthood. Like many of her kind, she grew up in the deep woods of Gridania but has always been fascinated with the world outside of the Shroud and ventured off on her own to see the sights and do the things not too long ago. She has a knack for getting in to trouble and a fascination for stealing things. I'd describe her as starry-eyed, witty, sarcastic and full of fire, but also young and impressionable and has a lot to learn about the world. 


As for what she could be involved in: 


- adventure


- anything else, really! 


Cori is more or less a blank slate at this point and could go in any direction, depending on the kinds of friends she makes. This could be the start of her journey as one of Eorzea's most famous and respected adventurers, or one of its most infamous and feared criminals or thieves! It all depends on you and the direction you all push her in.


One side note, since I know romance is a big draw in any RP for many people: I will not jump in to a romance right away under any circumstances. Anything that happens in that vein will happen naturally. No exceptions. Cori is also gay, so there's that.


If you'd like to do something, anything, just comment below, message me on site, or on Discord at Wolfsblood#8541. Thanks!

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