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balmung [Balmung] Player Connecting - Mystery Meet-Up

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Posted (edited)

I'm posting this here since it is mainly for role players connecting with one another and not an actual "event" event. 






Welcome to the Mystery Meet-Up!


Several years ago,  an awesome person named Ilwe’ran put together an event called the Blind Meeting.   For this event, you submit a short questionnaire and get matched up with other roleplayers to branch out.  Making new contacts is sometimes hard for people, especially if they’re new to the server or very shy. This sort of event helps bridge the gap some.


Happily to say, this kind of event does work!  The person I was paired up with became a very good friend and 3 years later, we still chat on a weekly basis. The same could happen to you!


What is this Mysterious Meet-up ?


The Mysterious Meet-up is a rendezvous without knowing beforehand who you are meeting and this exactly what this event is about : You will fill out a form and you will receive a place, the time, the initials of your RP partner(s) and meet them that way.


It is NOT some sort of speed dating. You will meet only a few people and have as much time you want to RP together.


The focus of the meet-up is to meet new people, romance could happen but there is no guarantee. Again, this is not a dating service. This is not a match-making event;  this is for you to branch out and expand your RP circle! On the questionnaire, if you indicate your character is open for romance, I will try to connect you with other people also open to romance.




Who can participate ?


Literally anybody who wants to meet new people. There are some things you should consider beforehand :

- If you need a reason to be at this place at this time, you will have to think of it beforehand and discuss about it with your RP partner(s) at the meet- up.  It's your own responsibility to come well prepared . Please be flexible when coming up with your idea! It could be as simple as sitting down on a bench to rest for that moment in time.  The possibilities are endless!

- I ask you to be open minded, whether it’s about the place where you'll meet, your RP partner(s)' reason to be there, your RP partner(s)' demeanor, etc.



When :

The 28th of April, 2018 : 2PM / 5PM / 8PM EDT.




Registration is closed.







Participation is open to the first 30 people that sign up.  If more than 30 want to join in, I will set up a waiting list. If you end up on the waiting list, don’t despair.  Cancellations and other things may bump you forward.


Now for the Fine Print:


- None of the informations you will give in the form will ever be disclosed. Once the event is over, it will be destroyed.


- While I'm the one who will organize your meet-up, I'm not responsible of anything which can happen during it.


- I ask you to be responsible and to contact me if you cannot go to your meet-up : Think of your RP partner who will wait for you for nothing if you don't say anything. If you need to cancel your participation, please contact me as soon as possible so I can find another match for your partner.  


- Please be there on time.


- You could be in a group to meet more than one person.  If I have 4 people signed up but only 3 want friendship and the other one wants an enemy,  the 3 may end up in a group together.


- Once you receive your meet-up information via email, you cannot change the time.


- I will not send out reminders. Please mark your calendars to remind yourself.


-  Just because you provided your character’s favorite place, does not mean your meet-up will take place there.  I will try to match up those closely similar.


- I am only providing you with the initials because this is a Mystery Meet-up! Also, this helps to prevent any prejudices started prior to the meeting and/or in case, your meet-up partner doesn’t show.


Questions? :

You may contact me here on the RPC or at Rhenasia@gmail.com


A big thank you to Ilwe’ran for his blessings to host this event again.:x

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An email has been sent out to each person that has signed up!  Please check your in-box and respond if you haven't already.   


Thanks to everyone that has signed up. 


There are a few spots left.  Please join us.

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Hey folks!


Time for an Update.    There's a few slots left.  If you've been thinking about joining , now is the time to do so!




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It's me again!


I'm pleased to say there are 3 spots left so now is the time to sign up if you've been on the fence about doing so. 

To those that have signed up and have not answered my email,  please do so as soon as possible.   It makes me kind of leery that you're not responding.  I don't want to pair you up with someone and have them be stood up. 




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Hello Mystery Meeters!


Sign up is now closed and I'd like to thank everyone that has joined for this event. All the slots filled up fairly fast and I was able to merge the waiting list so everyone who signed up received a match up. :moogle:



Please check your emails.  By now you should have received your partner(s)  initials along with meeting details. If you need help discerning the location

of your meeting spot, please contact me.  I know not everyone is familiar with zones.


Also, some of you may have received 2 emails - either with a correction (because reading spreadsheets while tipsy is not a good idea)  or second partner was added to your group.   Please respond to my email so I have confirmation you've received your match up information. 


Lastly, have fun!   This is not meant to be stressful.  This is just a chance to expand your RP circle!


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via Discord at Rhen#5872  or email Rhenasia@gmail.com.




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Just wanted to jump in and give some feedback about this event!


I met up with my random partner at the assigned time, and I'm happy to say that we had a fantastic session! We started roleplaying around 8PM EDT and didn't stop until nearly 12:30AM EDT - which is at least 3x the length of my roleplay experiences thus far in the game. I'm really glad that I decided to give this thing a whirl!


That being said, I highly recommend that others give this a try next time it's offered. If you're a bit shy or haven't had luck finding a partner, it's an easy way for you to have that opportunity. You never know what kind of people you could meet!


Huge thanks to Rhenasi for setting it up.

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